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  1. I’ve run nothing but Dawson mags in my Trojan for over 10 years now. They’ve been 100% reliable for me.
  2. My 9mm Trojan makes weight for IDPA (43 oz.) with a full length guide rod, Dawson Ice magwell, and VZ operators. VZ will hollow out the back of their grips for a little extra coin.
  3. I use the gap version as well with Dawson Precision mags. I’ve thought about changing the base pads and trying the no gap insert but I don’t seem to have any problems with the mags catching in the gap on a reload so I’ve left it as is so far. ETA...this is on a 9mm STI Trojan.
  4. It will fit with no problems. I run one on my Trojan.
  5. Exactly what tha1000 said. And some quality 10 round mags. Dawson Precision mags have run flawlessly in mine.
  6. I bought a 9mm Trojan from Dawson years ago (2008) that was super tuned I believe. I know for a fact it wasn't just the CRP package. Anyhow, I shoot it in IDPA and have Lord knows how many rounds through it. It runs like a sewing machine. I wish I had bought two.
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