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  1. Shot the first 100rds today with mecgar 17rds. The springs in those mags are so stiff that I can only load 16 in each one right now. Shoots nice. But about 50 rounds in I had one round fail to extract. It never left the chamber and the trigger didn't reset. One of the rounds before it felt like a weak powderpuff. I was shooting 124gr Browning and American Eage rated @ 1150 and 1140 fps. Is it possible a weak round simply didn't cycle the slide completely? Or is it more likely I need to tune the extractor again? 124+p HSTs worked fine.
  2. I swapped the extractor and trigger bow/shoe. The trigger now wobbles more and has a bigger gap than even the OEM one. Seems the channel for the shoe is too tall. Making the shoe too short. Is there one that is known to be extra tall? The slop is so annoying
  3. I ended up going with a new design Fusion "ultra match grade" adjustable trigger. Price was right. Hopefully it requires minimal fitting. I was going to get an aftec extractor, but saw some recent posts online that people were having problems with them. So I went with an Ed Brown match extractor for much less $. Have some mecgar p18 mags on the way also. Can hardly wait.
  4. I can't find a guncraft trigger in stock anywhere. Could somebody post a link to something that will work well? Would prefer long. Also for the magazine release, are the threads 4-40 or 5-40? Thx
  5. So I need a para style trigger for upgrade? Are there any other internals that are specific to the para style?
  6. Thanks, I'll try a 10 and 11# spring both. Or do I want to go the other direction and go 12# for the shorter slide? Aren't striker systems almost as old? And the same setup otherwise. My ARs are nearly 70 year old designs. I've learned that newer is not always better. I had a G19. Many failures to extract. Sometimes a dead trigger. A new ejector AND extractor seemed to fix the extraction issues. The trigger not resetting was a dealbreaker. I understand tabs have to be properly bent and spaced, but I'm over it. In my experience, my 1911s have had fewer issues than my striker guns. Doesn't make them better, but to me it's all the same. Capable gun stripped down for premium parts, thorough testing and routine maintenence. Might as well be with the gun I shoot 3x better and faster.
  7. Thanks, I'll add that to the list. As for magazines, I read of people earlier in the thread having issues with the para mags, but nobody had much bad to say about the rp9 mags. But good to know. The gun is listed as Rock Island Armory 51949 TCM Rock Standard MSHC Combo. 4.25 barrel. I can't find any discussion about it online. Hopefully it's newer production with a ramped barrel.
  8. I was going back and forth on a gun for carry. I was about to order the RIA CCO but after reading through this thread and elsewhere, I figured for the same price and similar weight, why not try the hicap version. Reasons for the commander size.. I carry appendix and the only big problem with carrying a GI model is the muzzle pokes pretty bad when sitting down or bending over. Also, the gun itself should weigh a little less than full size. I've heard that 4" 2011s seem to be more reliable, but I doubt there's hard data to support it. I'm open to the idea, certainly. I want 100% reliability. The plan is: Rp9 magazines, open to + followers but only premium reliable New trigger system Wilson combat extractor New front sight Grip reduction, undercut, lightening. What's the thinnest grip set? With the commander slide, what recoil and main springs would be ideal? Also what bullet weight shoots best? Undecided between 124 and 147. Perhaps the barrel behaves differently than the full size. What else am I missing as far as internals for dead nuts reliability?
  9. Very true. I could use something for gym or light summer carry. Options are good. I wanted to adhere to two-is-one but maybe I should just get them all in time, and then a duplicate of what I like most
  10. Thanks for the replies. Gray Guns just released a trigger parts package for the P30 for under $100.. I do stay out of bad areas and out of trouble. As Mr. Miyagi said, "best defense is no be there." We don't get to decide if trouble comes to us, or in what form, but being aware and considering our environment is certainly paramount. I don't have any delusions about being a tactical ninja, or being a pistol warfighter in the suburbs. I wonder if I really need a thick double stack that's harder to conceal. Then again, I'm not sure how much concealability? even matters. I'm reading about P30 issues such as broken trigger return springs and out of spec grip panels causing hangups. I also had a Glock that had more failures to eject than all of my previous guns combined, though I understand all manufacturers make lemons. The vp9 seems to have more issues than the P30. Just like a 1911 can need extractor and recoil spring replacement, even the best examples of HKs and glocks need spring replacements and similar maintenence just the same. The dilemma is worse now. No idea which route to go, and many hours of research simply highlights how different the options are, and that there are pros and cons to anything. In every other forum I posted this on, the discussion turned into a circus. I really am thankful for the straightforward and unemotional help in getting me towards a solution. I've been without a handgun for a few months and while I'm still alive, I'd like to have one with an identical backup with a pile of mags, spare parts and of course ammo.
  11. Were any of these new production Colts? I've read that theyve done well in the past year or two.
  12. Thanks. I wouldn't go shorter than 4" in a 1911 as it's widely accepted that reliability suffers. Above that mark seems to be great. I also need to look into the vp9. The g19 I had did not 'just work' at all. Even when it wasn't stovepiping, it's the gun I've shot the worst in my life. It could be fixed with training, but the reliability of the 2nd gens or other higher quality guns just doesn't seem to be there any more. Everybody makes lemons, and I'd still consider one, but I don't think it's in my top three or maybe even top 5
  13. I'm starting from scratch without a handgun currently. I want to standardize on one make/caliber/operation. Have been shooting for years and I LOVE 1911s. Best trigger equals best accuracy for me, and I'm not sure if anything (besides reliability) is as important as accuracy, time to first shot (pointability), recoil control/follow up speed and accuracy. I've carried full size government models and while I can shoot them very well, the weight became a burden. The bigger problem than weight was the slide length as I carry appendix due to shoulder problems. It's the ideal carry position for me and that won't change. While concealment was ideal due to thinness, with the 5" slide, sitting or leaning over was a real problem. I've been doing a lot of research and mulling over my options and I've narrowed it down to the following, in 9mm for being fastest and easiest to shoot. P30S v3 (carrying cocked and locked): Pros: - more reliable, even if just slightly - higher capacity (not a huge deal to me but it's there) - lighter due to polymer frame Cons: - terribly long and non-tactile trigger reset (willing to modify).. Possibly the dealbreaker to me. - more recoil and slower/less accurate follow up shots due to weight and horrendous trigger 1911 (Colt LW or Combat Commander or SA RO Compact) Pros: - best trigger possible in a pistol - faster and more accurate follow up shots - likely faster and more accurate first shot - very familiar to me - thinner and easier to conceal Cons: - less reliable (slightly) - heavier to carry (but better to shoot) - more expensive (less of a concern) Perhaps the right answer is to get both over time, but if I were to get one first as a primary/only pistol.. I'd like to hear which route I should go. Please no fanboyism or unintelligent/snarky responses. I had a Glock 19 and although the trigger was quite good with some work, I had more FTE than my past 1911s and I didn't shoot it great. Ok but not great.. The wonky grip angle and hideous looks also ruined it for me. Though I'm open-minded enough to consider it again if recommended from respectable shooters. It's just the distant third option. I'm posting this in the forums I respect most so as to avoid dumb responses and instead hear from those who really know. I'm at a stalemate in my comparisons now. Thanks in advance for constructive thoughts.
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