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  1. Yes you are correct...however my buddy who has a new Titan and I were at the range yesterday and the PT thumb rest did not fit his Titan...so don't know if specs were different in the frames.
  2. The Nitro Fin does indeed need fitted to the gun....it does not drop right in. It also needs a detent drilled so it doesn't lock back the slide. I purchased a Phoenix Trinity thumb rest slide stop and it fit right in my Nemesis. Just needed a detent drilled.
  3. Interesting...i had some issues with the gun sticking but once i put the thigh pad on the rig it resolved that problem completely.
  4. You will need to get the PT insert block....i would highly recommend getting the thigh pad as well.
  5. Welcome to the family...look forward to seeing your match videos for the upcoming season. I have the Nemesis. FYI, gun was unloaded and was checking the new trigger.
  6. JJB05

    9 major or 38 SC

    Thanks...dont have a ton of Open Shooters at my club...good to hear this.
  7. Congrats on the match....im sure the more comfortable you get with the dot you will be hosing in no time.
  8. I saw it too. Looks pretty cool...Will be interested to see how it holds up.
  9. JJB05

    9 major or 38 SC

    Yeah guy at my club shoots 38SC and he spends more time hunting for his brass than anything else.
  10. JJB05

    9 major or 38 SC

    Thanks for the info....i would definitely go with a reputable builder...dont wanna drop that much cash on trash.
  11. I am shooting Limited this year, however due to father time, my eyes are getting worse and will be switching to Open next year. I haven't decided on a gun builder yet, but i am leaning towards a 9 major gun. I have talked to some people who have said 9 major guns tend to have some reliability problems. I have no idea if this is true, however would like to get some input from the Open folks out there to help with my decision making. Which do you prefer and why? Thanks in advance.
  12. Cool video...tough conditions to shoot in...RO gave you some bad direction..that classifier you can shoot T3 or T4 in any order. Great job!
  13. Yeah i prefer the flat triggers myself...i just seem to shoot better with them.
  14. Well said sir! totally agree.
  15. I guess it would be a good thing to have an extra. I think i will go order and extra now. Thanks!
  16. You will make that mistake exactly once.
  17. Did you go with a flat or curved trigger? i prefer the flat.
  18. Well based on your description you rushed yourself right? if i am reading it correctly. Could you not have asked for someone else to go ahead of you? especially due to the fact that you helped set up the match.
  19. How do you like your Atlas? do you use factory or handloads? if handloads what OAL do you use?
  20. Sweet blaster....is that orange on the magwell? how does it shoot? I'd like to try one of those someday....gotta save my pennies.
  21. Throw some pictures up here so we can see what you are working with.
  22. Like that mag button
  23. I had one before selling it to get a custom 2011...the only issue i had with mine was the front sight coming loose. STI sent me a replacement , including FO rods. It is a nice gun for sure and the customer service was impressive.
  24. I am little uncomfortable with this. I thought this was a firearms-related site....try Grinder.
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