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  1. I emailed CZC, and they said they brazed the front sight on the slide which should help reinforce the area. They said it is good to go and safe to shoot.
  2. Did a search, and someone else had the same issues. I wonder what the result was.
  3. Just needed y'all's opinion. Should I be concerned or not. I sent the pistol in to have the loose and cracked front sight repaired, but the slide crack wasn't addressed. It's on the piece of metal between the front sight and barrel bushing. I just emailed them to see if it is safe to shoot. I had to modify the picture since I'm limited to the size of the file I can upload. I'm new here.
  4. Just wanted to say hello. Joined since I saw a topic posted here about the CZ Accushadow 2 and some of the same issues that I'm having. I thought I'd contribute. I love forums and the knowledge sharing.
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