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  1. Arc48700

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    Normally, I shoot at the monthly Carolina Guns & Gear (CGG) match. It's on the first weekend of every month. I think they may be moving it to the range at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) though. There are also some fundraiser matches in and around Fayetteville or at CGG on occasion. They're normally low key and somehow linked to the military around Fort Bragg. There's also the Duskin 3 Gun match on Fort Bragg put on by the Duskin Stephens Foundation in conjunction with 3D Special Forces Group. There is the Annual Memorial 3 Gun match at Gryphon Group put on by the Memorial 3 Gun Foundation this September and I've also heard that there may be another 3 Gun match at Gryphon Group in April. Both the Duskin and the Memorial matches are geared towards the military but civilians do shoot in them. There are also matches at Clinton House South Carolina, I think there are still matches at Ant Hill down near Wilmington/South Port, and the Infidel Gunfighter league at Range 37 PSR just north of Fayetteville (I haven't been to any of the last three). I would also recommend Carbine matches put on by Strategic Match Design (SMD). The Noveske series is pretty awesome.
  2. Arc48700

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  3. Arc48700

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    I started out with a Glock 19, then moved to a Glock 17. I just picked up a CZ Shadow 2 for this season. I also have an 5" M&P 2.0 with an Apex trigger and match barrel that I'm going to use as well. I'll see how the CZ works out at the end of the month.
  4. Arc48700

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    Hello all, I'm Jay. I live in North Carolina. I've been shooting for most of my life for work and in my personal time. I don't know why I waited so long, but I just started competitive shooting about two years ago. I mainly shoot USPSA (Limited) and 3 Gun (Tac Ops) around NC.