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  1. https://rangepanda.com/. May have what you’re looking for. If not, email Eric and he might get you one made.
  2. Stopped by their booth at nationals. Got my molds taken and am super interest. Whats everyone experience with them (ie double plugging for open, adequate for indoor etc). Is the platinum custom level worth the extra coin? Thanks
  3. I havent read read anything from either manufacturers stating do not use as a combination, however people have a lot of issues with it smoking. Personally didn’t have troubles with it during the 80rds of testing and the live fire practice afterwords. I will I’ll be switching to sport pistol if I can ever get my hands on it.
  4. Here's a fairly comprehensive pdf of data on 180gr Bluebullets and titegroup. Gun is a 5'' eagle. If you would like the work sheet for personal uses, pm me your email. All you should have to do is enter velocities and change your bullet grains as needed, and the file will do the rest of the math for you. (disclaimer: be safe, don't be a dumb, use at your own risk, etc.) 40 SW TITEGroup pdf.pdf
  5. What are some of your recommended books? I have "Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals" by Brian Enos on order and inquiring about any other suggestions. Is there any other writings that are highly regarded for USPSA/IPSC akin to how "Longrange Shooting Handbook" by Ryan Cleckner is PRS/NRL?
  6. Make ready podcast. Though I'm biased and the creators are local to my area.
  7. For 85-90% of the shooters in the sport the edge won't be the holding them back, myself included.
  8. Tac ops only takes two years to get you your rifle. I agree tho, its why I haven't gone down the full custom build route and buy prefits for my actions.
  9. When I see soft cover in the WSB, i kinda get hard
  10. Ya there's definitely alot of pressure, it's equivalent to 9mm Major I've read. Which in turn causes the insane blast that scares a lot of people. I'm sure you can tone it down with 147gr bullets and make Major PF, but I haven't gotten to testing those out yet. Pressure curve and muzzle blast withstanding, fellow squad mates are always shocked at how my 357 sig feels in the recoil department compared to a 40 cal 2011.
  11. Factory rounds are expensive no doubt. You don't load it down to make Major PF you load it pretty full tbh. I only have a single stage press, but have had little problems reloading it.
  12. Yes I'm a little bias, have about 2.5k once and twice fired 357 brass. my 357 load is 124gr speer .355 tmj with 10gr blue dot.
  13. That's a great suggestion, I hadn't thought about buying a separate barrel for an already built gun.
  14. My personal experience would force me to disagree. The recoil is softer in the 357 sig, its the muzzle blast that makes it seem so violent.
  15. No I plan on switching back to 357 sig but in a 2011 gun. While the 357 sig has a lot more muzzle blast, the recoil is softer then my 40 loads. My 40 has alot more bullet drop and reliability issues when I try to drop the PF below 170, it works best at 175-180 with 180gr bullets . My 357 hums right along at 167pf with 125gr pills. I should restate as looking for semi-custom. As awesome full blown custom would be, $5k budget is a tough meal to eat.
  16. $2,000 for rifle alone go with a semi-custom Patriot Valley Arms "John Handcock" or Seekins Precision "Havak HP1". Both shoot great and use the same KRG stock and Timney Trigger. The main difference is in the action.
  17. You don't need to have a $5000 PRS rig to start, same deal with USPSA. The best firearm to start PRS with is the one you already have, again, just like USPSA. Many have voiced similar view points but the linked page below does a great overview on getting into a longrange rifle shooting. Read that and I recommend picking up or checking out a copy of Ryan Cleckner's "Long Range Shooting Handbook".
  18. Any local (level 1) uspsa match is worth going out to. Check Facebook for the local area groups and on Practiscore for matches in your area. If that doesn't work out look up the local ranges' calenders for USPSA or IPSC events. The local shooters will be able to point you in the right direction from there.
  19. Congrats on the Black badge. I hear from my friends in Castlegar that its a major thing for Canada IPSC.
  20. Appendix D2 section 8 states: "Maximum magazine Length - 5.561"(141.25mm) or 6.742"(171.25mm) in single stack guns." The rule still exists but I don't think you get any extra capacity with the 170mm SS mags in 45 (or any round for that matter) only increased reliability and cost.
  21. Nope, located in the US. Have read about the round being popular in the land down under. Similar restrictions in AUS making the 357sig a go to like the 38 super in Mexico, correct?
  22. With the update rules for Limited (Apependix D2) specifically stating 357 sig is allowed for MPF, do you foresee it replacing or gaining equal popularity to the 40sw? With the extra fps and flatter trajectory while toeing the line closer to 165 PF minimum, along with the reduced cost of bullets it seems like it is primed for an emergence in LTD competition.
  23. Looking into a sem-custom 357 sig 2011 ltd gun. I'm only aware of CK arms currently offering the chambering through their Limited Solution model. Are there any other custom shops I should be talking to?
  24. Emmett right? I remember hearing about this. I've personally read that bit and its quite eye ope
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