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  1. Haven't shot mine at 50 yards yet. 30 yards from a rest is the farthest I have tested so far. Once I adjusted the rear sight slightly one inch groups at POA were easy. I don't have any high end 1911s to compare to but the S2 shoots smaller groups (from a rest) than my Sig 226 Legion, Ruger SR1911, or my Kimber 1911 CDP. I don't think you will be disappointed. Varooom
  2. Just finished installing the CGW barrel bushing in my Shadow 2. Installed their competition trigger kit last weekend. The stock bushing came out pretty easy with a 11mm socket, extension, and a few light whacks with a hammer. New one went in just as easy. Getting the roll pin back in was the most challenging. I decided on the hard chrome bushing as opposed to the black, really looks nice. Wow, there is absolutely no play between the barrel and the bushing. I have to "fiddle" with the barrel and get it just right to get it into the slide. Hoping for a range trip tomorrow to see how it works. This weapon was already ridiculously accurate. I will use a rest at 15 yards and compare what I get now to targets I shot from a rest before the Cajunizing process. The S2 was already much more accurate than I will ever be but it was a fun project. I almost enjoy working with quality parts like this as I do shooting. I will post range info after shooting it to see if this really made a difference. Safe shooting, Varooom
  3. I have been shooting for over 50 years, just shot my first USPSA production match earlier this month. I have a G17, 320X5 and CZ Shadow 2. I suck. I used the CZ for my first match because I shoot it best in practice. I don't think I would have been any better or worse with the G17 or X5. I will continue with the CZ not because its metal, but because I shoot it best. This is a great thread. Don't worry about the weapon, practice, practice, practice with whatever works best for you. Ford, Chevy or Mopar. Blond, brunette, or red head. They are all good. Varooom
  4. Old post but feel compelled to respond. I got the GGs curved trigger with their competition kit for my 320 X5. They did not have the straight trigger kit in stock at the time and I have no patience so I ordered the curved trigger kit. My plan was to get the straight trigger when they were back in stock. Well, I am perfectly fine with the curved trigger and will not be swapping it out To each his own but the GGs competition kit with the curved trigger works great for me. Varooom
  5. I have had my X5 for about 2 months, 1000 rounds. I installed grayguns comp trigger kit along with their stainless guide rod and spring. Slapped a Romeo1 on it and love it. I think the term "tack driver" is a little overused but this weapon is a tack driver. Varooom
  6. Hello all, Just wanted to say "hello". I'm an older guy, been shooting for about 40 years but never competitively. I have a lot to learn as I have not been to a match yet. My local range (Talon Range Tallahassee) has a match each month for both organizations. I plan to watch both before deciding which to join. I have a Sig 320 X5 with Romeo1 and a CZ Shadow 2, stock that I plan to use. Looking forward to learning from you all, Thank you, Varooom
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