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  1. Does the hammer stay stuck on the rear hook on the disconnector or does it follow the bolt? I’m thinking the disconnector is getting hung up. Check the springs and make sure the trigger and disconnector rotate freely on the trigger pin when removed from the lower. Two in a row seems really odd which is why I would pull the lower apart and look everything over.
  2. Nice little tutorial on how to align a gas block for the thread starter.
  3. Local match with morning and afternoon sessions. During the morning they run an intro to IDPA class at the clubhouse. Then the class and instructors form a squad for the afternoon session. We are completely done shooting for the day, broke down all the stages and people are packing up their gear at the tables uprange of the shooting bays. One of the intro class shooters then proceeded to unholster and stick his pistol in his range bag sweeping about half the squad and one instructor. When the instructor questioned him and said it was a DQ the offender proclaimed “but it was unloaded”.
  4. The left and right shell stops work together when cycling the action. It sound like either one or both shell stops are damaged or need to be restaked. If you pull the trigger group out you can see the factory stakes to see if they are not holding. Hopefully you have a gunsmith that has a staking tool and they can restake the stops. I would still replace both stops if the gun has a high round count through it. A third possibly that happens when the trigger group pins are replaced for screws to hold on a side saddle. The shell stops can move rearward if the pins are too
  5. Interesting no answer to this but I may have a solution based on a problem I ran into while working my M3K over. Full disclosure, I just picked up my gun and tore it completely down for cleaning and adding some MOA precision parts to it. Anyway I stumbled on your question looking to see if anyone had the issue I was having. When swapping out the bolt release button and the shell stop or carrier latch extractor as the owners manual calls it, I found a short pin inside the carrier latch extractor spring that limits the travel. Why Stoeger added this is beyond me as it appears it’s n
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