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  1. "Wake Up America" brand coffee, prefer the immune support offering, medium roast. "patriot" blend is nice, medium roast. My wife makes me order more when reserves dwindle.
  2. Hi Louu, All of your advice was so helpful, thanks. Yes, I did relieve the inside of the forearm for the match saver hardware. I discovered the need while trial fitting and testing for the best position. Boy, have I taken this gun apart a gazillion times during this whole process, but that has helped me become a more educated owner. So far it just simply runs. Louu, What choke do you run most often, from the factory selection? I tried the improved cylinder for birdshot and slugs. No next challenge is figuring out to aim properly with slugs. I always seem to hit to the left. Also, hitting a target at 50 yards and 100 yards requires some drastic hold over, it seems. I could use some input on the topic.
  3. I bought 1 oz slugs because that was all my supplier had and I was told heavier loads help with breakin. 7/8 oz loads are on backorder.
  4. If I can reload one bullet that works well up close and long range, and is cheaper than buying average 55 gr bulk ammo, life would be simpler all around. When I say hoser, I don't mean hundreds of rounds per day, except at weekend events. With 55 grain ammo I see a greater poa/poi shift between 50 yards and 100 yards. 55 grain can hit 4" higher at 100 yds while 69 gr hits only 1-1.5" higher. I would call 0-50 yds hoser ammo due to faster target acqusition.
  5. Finding hoser ammo in the 69-77 grain range is proving to be a challenge. My Savage seems to be night and day better with 69 vs 55 gr ammo and I wish to try heavier. Id like to start off with some factory loads to narrow down what my barrel prefers. I have ahort term access to a loader to work up handloads from there. Are there some tried and true heavier bullets for 3 gun?
  6. New Stoeger M3K has run flawlessly for the first 100 shells using Winchester universal 1 1/8 bird shot and Remington gun club 1 oz and 1 1/8oz loads. It has also cycled Fiocchi 1oz reduced recoil aeroslugs perfectly. The gun is cycling everything I have put in it, but I cannot comment yet on slug accuracy because I have to learn the stock sight picture and how to aim at various distances. If entering 3 gun matches that require birdshot, buck, and slugs, I will need a variety of ammo. I have never purchased or shot any buckshot loads, ever. I would appreciate hearing your experiences with various offerings with this gun.
  7. @NoKinberDave, I researched a lot of tutorials on diy loading port work and was always left disappointed with the strategy of grinding away with a small rotary grinder on flat surfaces. This has never worked out well for me on any project. Samples always look uniform, rounded, and often gouged or wavy. Plenty of runaway grinder trails on receivers had me concerned with controlling a tool of destruction on my new gun. With no machine tooling available I decided that $15 worth of harbor freight files, a healthy serving of patience, and plenty of abnormal free time during a historic winter storm may just be a better option than shipping it away to MOA precision and waiting 12 weeks for it to return. This option certainly was more affordable. Working slowly, testing it often, and sneaking up on the results you see here seem to have paid off. Boy, was I afraid that I bit off more than I could chew a few times during the project! Things get very ugly before they get better at the end. The improvements on ease of loading are very significant. I don't have tough, calloused, or strong hands with my line of work. Next, I need a quad shell holder so I can practice loading to determine if I can leave the gun as it is or do further work. I am all ears on a caddie, but currently am out of cash.
  8. @DavidSeavey, I have my name on a waiting list to try some Hornady steel match 55 gr @ $0.35 per round and 75 gr ammo @ $0.39 per round.
  9. A new VG6 Epsilon Is riding on the business end of the Savage now. Boy, it aure makes a big improvement over the factor flash hider. I have dialed in my scope for 50 yards instead of 100. Doing so results in rounds hitting about 1-3” high at 100 yards. Next outing will be used to establish a good sight picture hold at 100 yards. Perhaps the old bullseye pistol shooting sight picture of “an apple on the fence post” will be perfect at 100 yards. Wolf steel 62 gr was simply awful. No more of that going down my barrel. 3” group at 50 yards. Plus a no go in matches. Wolf 55 gold was decent With a 1.5” group at 100 yards, but it was a full 4” high at 100 yards with scope zeroed for 50 yds. 55 gr seems to climb the most at 100 yds. Speer lawman 55 gr was decent at 50 yards, 1.5” groups on center. However, at 100 yards I had one 4.5” group that was a full 4” high. My second group at 100 yards was a compact 1.5” group at 3.5” high. Next up was Speer Gold Dot 62 gr. This seems to be the best performer in several ways. At 50 yds it hit on center with .75” groups. At 100 yards it really shines, 1.2” group and only 1” high, and on center. Speer gold dot was even more accurate and offered less 100yd rise than my previous standard of Federal Gold Match Sierra. Gold Dot is expensive but not as much as Federal Sierra. I would like to try some 70-77 gr ammo next.
  10. @45dragoon, The same question came to my mind. The upgrade is cheap enough if already buying parts.
  11. I know it is snappy, thus leading me to search for akmething better. Your reasoning for the hot load makes perfect sense. It is very consistent and reliable, too. Currently I pay about $8.35 per box if buying 1k rounds. I hope to run a box through the chrono this next weekend to get some comparison baseline data on the lawman.
  12. Before deciding to try the shooting aports this upcoming season, my go to ammo was speer lawman 124 gr. I aam testing the waters to see if reloadin is for me or not. I want rounds at least a good as the lawman factory ammo but at a more affordable cost to offset increased ahooting volume.
  13. I have some 147 blue bullets to try and some 124.
  14. Of all the other strings I shot, I didnt notice any other light rounds. Therefore I wanted to calculate the data by throwing that one outlier aeay. Maybe this is a wrong approach, but I was looking for some insight on my loading consistency because I am. Beginner.
  15. #6 shot did occur but I was so focused on learning to use a chrono that I didnt pay attention to the feel of the shot, I only know it was far out of the average because the chrono reported it. I qhve never used a chrono before and I installed the light diffusers even though it was terribly overcast and misty. I didnt know any better. I shot about 5 strings, but this is the first string I could get to register. I was trying to find the beat place to send the rounds, and I was forced to shoot nervously close to the bottom of the guide rods. I amy ahve felt that #6 round was vastly different, but maybe not.
  16. I already purchased a Stoeger and have it just about ready to go. If I was competing for real a Benelli would have been an option, but for fun I hope the stoeger will suffice.
  17. Thanks for the compliment. I was excited to give it a test drive today. I grabbed some 1 1/8 Winchester 7.5 shot and Fiocchi 1 oz low recoil slugs. 25 rounds of shot cycled flawlessly, although the recoil was much harder than I expected. I set up a target at 50 yards to test the slugs when I realized I better check the choke that was installed from the factory. A modified choke was found so I didn't shoot any slugs. What are other shooters using for chokes? Also, in a 3 gun match how are chokes managed if you must shoot both bird shot and slugs in the same set? For sporting clays double barrel guns allow multiple chokes. Not so much here in 3gun..
  18. Chucks, thanks for pointing out my upload error, here is the intended chart... 135-blue-titeedited.pdf
  19. After a wonderful and informative conversation with Louu on the phone I got to work on my new Stoeger M3k. I checked for burs on the extractor and port, bolt carrier, recoil spring, I modified the shell stop and smoothed it out, then I faced fear in the face and broke out my hand files. After I was finished with the loading port modifications I installed a match saver to the forearm. I also added a groove in the trigger guard to keep shells centered, and smoothed out some painful corners on the trigger guard that were chewing up my thumb during reloads. Hope I can figure out how to upload photos here.
  20. I did do some modifications to the shell stop, resulting in a much easier loading experience. I find the shells push in easier, thus helping me prevent a traffic jam and causing the shells to misalign and spill onto the ground.
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