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  1. Can you give us a little review on the trigger? Finally got around to installing the trigger together with the light hammer spring and fired 300 rounds through the gun. The sport trigger is a little wider than the factory trigger and is curved in a different way, essentially increasing trigger reach (didn't measure by how much). The surface feels smooth and personally I quite like the increased trigger reach and wider trigger. The light hammer spring made the DA trigger pull much nicer than before, almost like a CZ Shadow 2 minus the take-up. Nonetheles
  2. I shoot the gun in the stock configuration and do not see any need for changes/upgrades. That constant tinkering seems like a favourite American pastime to me - no offense. As far as tested loads go, I have shot various factory loads through it (CCI, Fiocchi, S&B, Magtech, Federal, ... 115, 124, 147 grain bullets... FMJ, JHP, etc) and it ran without a single hiccup. DA is indeed extremely heavy, but SA is incredibly crisp (better than a CZ Shadow 2 I'd say)... almost no takeup, very clear wall, crisp break and extremely short reset. Biggest advantage over the S2: af
  3. Can you give us a little review on the trigger? Will do as soon as I get around to installing it. May take a while though.
  4. Haven't had any issues, mine arrived in Austria yesterday.
  5. Hello, just got my Rex Alpha this week. I'm really excited to go and shoot it. I have noticed two things: 1) on the barrel locking block (right side, where the serial number is) there are some deep tooling marks and 2) the slide has a little bit of play on the rails (light rattle when you move the gun around quickly, e.g. during target transitions). Can anyone confirm this? Also, I have ordered some magazines and the sports trigger - shipped this week, let's see how long the parcel takes to arrive in Austria (neighboring country to Slovenia).
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