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  1. Have a Timney Alpha on order here in Europe. Have seen Johnny Glocks recent updates/improvements on the Alpha Omega. As that’s not an option from overseas - is it something i can instruct an experienced gunsmith on?
  2. Much smaller Window, not really a comparison
  3. SRO keeps being unavailable, any thought so some of the cheaper brands like: https://www.ipscstore.com/en/vector-optics/10566-vector-optics-scrd-36-frenzy-1x22x26-mos-red-dot-sight.html seems to have similar window as the SRO
  4. Ahhh yeah, I missed the Alu part, mistook the frame for being steel frame, makes sense
  5. How does it compare to the Legion? I would have thought the metal AXG would be the heavier, but it’s not by a long shot
  6. Is that a MOS version? looks to mount perfect
  7. Can it be right there is no plug’n’play thumb rest for G17, like the ones for i.e P320
  8. Thanks maybe some coating differences, other wise, size, window size etc. are similar. But this one actually comes with 5 yrs/60 months warranty - pretty nice if custome service is up there
  9. How would it compare to the Delta Optical Stryker, seems almost identical, but available here in Europe; https://prohunt.eu/product/delta-optical-stryker-8-moa/
  10. Just got my new Shadow 2 (transitioning from 2011) I will setup for IPSC Production Optics (Carry Optics). I´m from Europe, so not all US options is available here. Need your expert input for guiding me to the optimal setup. The S2 is the standard version, so debating to have the slide milled for red dot or just start with dovetail mount. For optics, I´ve planning on a Delta Optical Stryker in 8 Moa; https://www.specshop.pl/product-eng-24070-Delta-Optical-Red-dot-sight-Stryker-8-MOA-DO-2329.html or the Delta Optical HD26 (C-more RTS): https://www.specshop.pl/product-eng-32342-Delta-Optical-MiniDot-HD-26-Sight-Without-Mount-6-MOA-DO-2327.html The dots seems to be near identical to respective the FTP Alpha 3 and the C-more RTS2 Whats your take?
  11. How do you like/rate the Delta Optical Stryker? Being based in Europe myself, this looks to be similar to the FTP Alpha?
  12. Would it be fair to say that the footprint of Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 is pretty much similar width wise
  13. appreciated, how much does it protrude the slide sideways
  14. Im located in Denmark, Europe so milling will be the local gunsmith. Thankfully he happens to one of the top 3 in the country. But probably starts with dovetail, despite milling definately is more appealing also pure aesthetics. A bit torn between the Alpha 2 or 3, concerned that the 3 will look massive compared to the 2
  15. It´s the regular Shadow 2 i have - non OR
  16. any pictures? Tempted for my Shadow 2, but concerned about the size of the body
  17. Any pics fitted on a Shadow 2 OR 2011 non Open Race gun?
  18. Will probably try out the Delta Optical Stryker in 8 MOA - seems to be a Carbon copy of tha Alpha 3, just available here in Europe
  19. I’m in Denmark, Europe, so none of those over here unfortunately
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