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  1. Short update, have now put around 1200 rounds throgh the Pantera without a hiccup. Just upgrade to a Dawson precision tool less guide rod, simply to reduce „complexity“ at field stripping. Would love to look into a full DLC coating and lighten the slide with triptop and cut out, but honesty I don’t think it needs it and the point of diminishing return is probably well passed. Even the other IPSC shooters with STI and SVI have commented on the trigger and the flat shooting...
  2. Thanks, here in Denmark, we need to be shooting actively in an approved club/gun range before we can initiate the approval process on storing the gun at home in an approved safe. Unfortunately I’m still not there, hence looking into either an air soft or this blue gun to practice dry fire, hostering etc at home
  3. I dont get your point. I have a small hand/thumb and have a hard time engaging the lock Wien applicable
  4. Which airsoft pistol is most similar in weight and feel of a 2011 (SPS Pantera)
  5. Can you recommend an extended slide stop, preferably available in Europe. Needs to fit my 2011 Pantera
  6. Any experience with this; https://cesar-shop.com/product/tool-less-guide-rod-kit can’t seem to find the Dawson in stock in Europe
  7. Normally I´m an Oakley/POC guy, but stumbled on a brillant deal on the Wiley X Saber Advanced 3 lens kit, so goint to try it out. Was initially looking for an Oakley M Frame 3.0 with Prizm lens, but for a start I´ll try out the X Sabers - any input, experince, pros or cons?
  8. How does the ratchet work when the other belt is fully lined with velcro as all normal belts are? Doesn’t this restrict or prohibit the ratching?
  9. Thanks for the input Will look more into DAA/GR
  10. Yeah plane tickets can turn out quiet expensive here in Europe, especially if it´s last minute/a sudden intuitive decision. Unfortunately, I don’t know Mats B, as I’m new to IPSC and are just in the middle of the materials.
  11. Did a similar thread in a FB thread and as one might guess it seems to be very individual as I believe DAA, CR, Guga etc. receive equally many recommendations, so assume I just have to order some to get my hands on them and make up my mind
  12. Thanks. I´ll probably also opt for some kind of hybrid with the belt, a custom Kydex from a local veteran start-up (feel strongly about supporting such an initiative) and a third for mag pouches.
  13. Now just have some European dealers get them as well
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