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  1. Tanfo Grips won’t fit as the screw placement is in an entirely different spot, and the back strap of the gun is significantly different as well. And as Clang Clang said the doodad was for their issue holster, would love to see what it looks like, mine is still on as I wanted to keep the gun original. I found it makes for a perfect trigger guard fit for the polymer lower Jericho holsters, just without the rail the gun can cant back and forth in it, but adding some extra material to the bottom of that holster where the rail would be on newer guns it would be a perfect fit,(ordered t
  2. All parts I used were from a small frame Tanfo, that’s pretty much all we have in canada, but your trigger parts will be the same regardless, any Tanfo trigger should work. I ended up buying another police trade in, black this time, still waiting for it to arrive, but it will most likely get a henning trigger and the full work around with a DP front sight, see how much of a competition gun I can make a Jericho, if you have any more specific questions let me know, this Tanfoglio section is pretty quiet these days.
  3. Well I got one today! Basically a Tanfo so I thought I would post it here. Stripped it right down for a cleaning. it was pretty grungy. Soon discovered which parts were interchangeable with Tanfoglio and which weren't. Parts that are not interchangeable are: Safety Main spring strut. The rest seems to be the same. The trigger that comes on these trade-ins is specially designed for the SAO pistol, It has extra material on the front so it will not allow the trigger to move forward like a DA trigger will on reset. So if you want a DA/SA I will have to send you a trigger as wel
  4. Had one for a few months, Great gun for the price. Only gripe I had was the grip was too large for me. Alot bigger than a STI 2011. Ended up trading it in a 3 way trade with some buddies, the 2011 for a Beretta for a q 5 match. I ended up with the Q5
  5. I know a lot of threads have been popping up but I just wanted to clarify, top ends are not interchangeable correct? Seen a limited pro top end for sale and wanted to know if it would fit my stock 3 small frame.
  6. Thanks for that update, I bought the PD BOLO but it’s going to require some fitting, after you put the bolo in yours did you have to adjust the screws on your henning trigger? I have mine set with red loctite again.
  7. Try the pencil test, put a pencil down the barrel with the eraser sitting against the breech face, pull the trigger and see how high it flies with and without the FPB
  8. I use a variable temp bearing grease on the plunger/trigger bar connection, very light amount, as well on the rails during the summer time, but not the winter, slows down my slide too much in the cold, a little bit of Lucas oil on the barrel and locking lugs and a small amount on the sear housing. Never had any issue yet other than the cold, which I use oil instead of the grease,
  9. You may still have inconsistencies with CCI primers and a 14# spring, I bought the PD hammer spring kit, 10# up to 15.5#, with the 10 pound spring it made for a very nice trigger, but could not even set off federal primers consistently with a titan hammer and FPB removed, ended up putting the stock one in again for now(16#) just so I could light off everything, didn’t seem to change the trigger pull weight all that much with all the other things I’ve done to the gun. In fact after I put in the PD sear spring and extreme sear Iam now down to my lowest trigger pull yet at 2.5# with
  10. Got the PD Bolo extreme sear and enhanced sear spring and conefit guide rod yesterday, The BOLO will need some fitting, won’t engage the sear so the trigger is dead and the hammer won’t fall, took it out and Iam at 2.5# now but still want to go a tad lighter. Fitting this BOLO seems like it will be a bit of a pain. Anyone have any experience doing this?
  11. Iam also running the henning flat trigger, definitely sounds like you have your issue figured out, I got rid of my factory trigger roll pin quite sine time ago, I now use one from the local hardware store, length was perfect and it’s way easier to punch in and out than the factory one.
  12. Well ordered a BOLO and the extreme sear just in case, that paired with the other parts I’ll see if I can’t get it to my desired 2.5#
  13. Contacted my Tanfoglio dealer here in Canada and was told they are for the US market only, Iam in love with them and would love to get one someday.
  14. Your videos are the ones I followed when polishing the parts, other than the sear housing as mentioned, which I will do here shortly, My plunger head/bar are extremely shiny and smooth along with my trigger bar and contact points, I could maybe try and smooth out the plunger hole some more, With the stock plunger spring the Henninng trigger would absolutely not reset even with the heaviest return spring on the trigger, too much upward force into the trigger bar, didn’t seem to matter how smooth it was. As mentioned I have the Titan hammer and have my FPB re
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