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  1. Ran 50 rounds through it last Tuesday at a practical night, not one hiccup with the 7lb spring, ran and felt awesome. I have polished my rails, not to a mirror but wayyyy better than factory.
  2. Iam currently running a 7lb spring in a stock 3 9mm Small frame, still in the testing phase. I have 6,7,8,10 and stock to mess around with, shooting light 147gr loads
  3. Honestly nothing surprises me with Tanfoglio, my trigger was very gritty until I took all the parts out and polished them to a mirror, I had to send my stock III back twice because the special edition nickel finish was terrible, the first gun I could scratch off with a fingernail, second gun looked the texture of leather and was really bumpy, and the third gun looked good and has been holding up great, they do take a lot elbow grease to get them where you want it seems.
  4. I see Iam late to this topic and you didn't get many replies, I would tread with caution if you haven't done this yet, if you remove too much of the lip inside the shell tube the follower can cockeye sideways and sometimes come right out of the tube, watched my buddy screw up his $2400 shotgun this way, you can see you've already started to hit the mag tube in your bottom photo, some guys do remove a slight amount of the tube lip and have it run reliable, but too much like you see in the M2 photos of Taran's and you'll be looking at a VM paper weight.
  5. Bit further south, in Medicine Hat
  6. Thanks! It was pretty New when that was taken!
  7. Hey guys, Been stalking the forums the last few weeks, been shooting a Stock 3 special for a year now and been doing "upgrades" ever since and this forum seems to have a good amount of knowledge! so hello from Alberta Canada!
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