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  1. I was able to run 40 rounds of the blue bullets yesterday without noticeable leading yesterday using non push though sized cases. I put an additional 60 Brazos and had noticeable leading. I guess I will keep experimenting, I still have roughly 1500 of the brazos to use up.



  2. It a glock barrel so it is polygonal, .4021 and .3965 are the measurements of the slug I did in the barrel.


    The blue bullets are measuring .4006 and the bazos is .4012


    I have loaded some test rounds that have not been through the redding grx sizer and will test them tomorrow.



  3. 11 minutes ago, Dutchman195 said:

    Is your crimp to tight and stripping the coating off the projectile? 

    EDIT: DUH, I didn't read the original Post.


    Is the crimp die leaving a ring on the projectile itself? 

    I have backed off the crimp until to where it is barely straightening the flair back out.


  4. Guys,


    I have been trying to load coated 180 grain bullets with sport pistol for a glock 22 gen 4 and have been having major problems with leading.


    Tried Brazos and Blue bullets and both are leading with a mild load of sport pistol and power pistol. 


    Checked and am not scrapping the coating off while seating, not crimping through it either.


    Loading with a dillon 650 with dillon dies, brass is mix range brass that has been tumbled cleaned and then run through a grx push through sizer prior to running through the dillon.


    Got any suggestions?






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