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  1. Germanguy5

    Magazine release comparison

    I shot gen 3 and 4th as duty weapons. But I am curious about the mag release different sizes, how much difference is in oem in complex frame like glock 19,23,etc. standard frames glock 17,22,31,vs the large frames 21,41. I know the MARS looks huge on a glock 19 gen 3, looks like one cm longer than the oem glock 19. That's what I wanna experiment with. But 59.99 to order a MARS is too expensive, not knowing the length difference or the position of the notch where the spring goes into
  2. Germanguy5

    Magazine release comparison

    Good morning everyone. I'm new and I could not find anything about it anywhere. Anyways I am a proud owner of a gen 3 glock 21c. I'm shopping around for awesome easy mods. I have a gripforce tail on it without modifications, company said it was impossible, I guess for liability reasons. Anyways I noticed alot like to put oem mag release from large frame into normal frame glock for extended mag release. Has anyone done a comparison on mag releases? Would it be possible to get something little more low profile. Or maybe Rainier arms new MARS mag release? I do love the way you can get the mag with your trigger finger. Thank you in advance.