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  1. A Max load of tightgroup and a 200gr is listed at 822fps with a pressure of 31,700psi. CFE power pistol with a 200gr gets you 897fps with a pressure of 33,500 psi. SAAMI specs for 40sw are 35,000 psi. Why is the max load for tightgroup so much under spec?
  2. I do have a pound of N320 on the shelf, is that a better alternative for a 200gr major load?
  3. They are 200gr jacketed Berrys bullets. Double Struck FP
  4. I’ve got a ton of 200gr projectiles and 8lbs of tightgroup so I’m trying to work up a load for major. So far 4.2gr of tightgroup with a 200gr at 1.185” gets me around 850fps out of my tanfolgio limited custom. Since most manuals don’t have data for long loads, I started at 3.5gr and worked my way up. anyone have a similar load for this? also, how do I tell if I’m at or above a max load? That’s my concern here
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