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  1. Babis

    New Shadow 2 with new cuts inside

    The rsounds I 've shot through cz 85 combat are 7-8k. Maybe you are right about the solution but how can you know how flexible is the pin? Or if the hole is larger ( possible that ) how can I make it smaller? The top of the hole is thinner than 75 just like the shadow 2 that's why it fails, thats why the next gens of shadow 2 have relief cuts at exact this spot.
  2. Babis

    New Shadow 2 with new cuts inside

    So it has nothing to do with the material being thinner in that specific part of the gun because many shadow 2 have the same problem also my cz85 combat has the same crack at the same spot.
  3. Babis

    New Shadow 2 with new cuts inside

    What if the shadow 2 is out of warranty can we make the relief cuts?
  4. Babis

    Bul black oxide trophy 1911 9mm

    Well sas2 is double stack I want the single stack version.
  5. Hello, I am shooting in ipsc production division, I own 2 cz shadow 2. I recently got impressed with bul trophy 1911 single stack in 9mm, my question is if anyone knows what the frame and slide are made from, forged steel or casting? I m concerned cause the price of this gun is fairly high and I prefer a forged Steel frame and slide Thank you.