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  1. Hey all Long time listener, first time caller I've only been shooting for a little over a year here in Australia - the license process takes forever. Finally got my holster course done for IPSC back in September last year and managed to shoot two one-day matches back in November and now prepping up for our Nationals in March. My club has a small monthly match of 3 stages or so which is pretty good but I'm stuck mostly at an indoor range. I made the mistake of buying a Glock 34 in an IPSC country so got put in Standard and not Production where I wanted to be! (I now have a Glock 17 but really love that 34) Got some training planned with Ben Stoeger in February which I am pretty psyched for. Have recently invested in a 650 with the case feeder so looks like my weekly round count is about to go through the roof! And don't worry I have already figured out the search function...
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