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  1. The sight issue with my PM9 has been resolved. The problem was the windage screw was so stiff that it was very difficult to turn, and it seemed to have reached the maximum adjustment limit. I was using the lightweight tool I carry in my range bag to adjust the sights on my Sig Sauer P210 and Walther PPQ Q5. I switched over to a heavier fitted screwdriver and moved the rear sight back and forth a few times. Now it works smoothly. The gun now shoots where I point it. The rear sight just needed “breaking in”. User error. This gun is very accurate and pleasant to shoot. I can’t say it is as good as my hand-fitted bullseye 1911s, but it’s close. I’m still not sold on a full-length guide rod, but given how well the gun shoots, I can live with it. Thanks Again!
  2. I got a PM-9. Thank you all for your input and recommendation. I don’t have that many rounds through it, but so far it appears to be very accurate with a great trigger and treats the brass kindly – no bulges. This appears to be the gun I was looking for. This is my first 1911 with a full-length guide rod. It took forever to figure how to take the gun apart. The instructions that came with the gun were generic and useless. You must remove the spring from the guide rod before the guide rod can be removed. This is difficult since the spring is tight on the guide rod. It takes some effort to get it off and I’m afraid of damaging the spring. What weight is the spring in the event I damage it? Is this normal to be so hard to take apart and be so tight? Am I missing something? It’s also a joy to put the spring back on the guide rod in reassembly. Also, I think the recoil spring plug was made by Gillette. On my match 1911s the barrel bushing was always the worst part, but otherwise easy to field strip and reassemble with a standard-length guide rod. I’m not sure I understand the benefits of the full-length guide rod since my match 1911s were tack drivers without one. The only other issue I have is that the gun shoots to the left. Others have shot the gun and it shoots to the left for them as well, even with the rear sight adjusted as far as it can go. I will have to figure out how to drift the rear sight over a bit. Any suggestions? Otherwise a great gun. Thank you again for your help.
  3. Unless I go all out and get a Les Baer, the more realistic options are a Dan Wesson PM9 or a Springfield Range Officer Elite Target. Thank you for your recommendations.
  4. When I shot bullseye, I had two accurized 1911s. They were both 45 ACP and tack drivers. I no longer shoot bullseye and have sold off my bullseye guns. I now shoot just for fun with 9 mm, 357 Mag and 22 LR. I reload for my three 9 mm guns, a Smith & Wesson 986, a Sig Sauer P210 and a Walther PPQ Q5. To keep things simple, I shoot the same reload in all three guns. All are very kind to the brass and accurate even with the shared reload. I miss the 1911 and would like another in 9 mm. My stepson has an RIA 1911 in 9 mm. It’s hard on brass. I can’t resize it down enough to fit a Wilson or a Shockbottle 9mm case gauge. Other than that, it shoots great. It treats brass like a Glock. The chamber is not fully supported. This won’t work for me and I would like a 1911 that I can add to my 9 mm stable that treats the brass kindly so I can share brass and reloads between my guns. I’m too old for added complexity. I only know that Les Baer lists a supported chamber for their 9 mm 1911s. Are there any others? I’m looking for a 5-inch 1911 with fully adjustable sights and supported chamber.. Thanks!!
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