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  1. https://blade-tech.com/pages/holster-finder It seems that blade tech has no Holster for my STi ( at least at the holster finder on the website) https://comp-tac.com/holsters/ Comptac is the same problem (1911 till 5" and no STI)
  2. I tryed a Double Alpha IDPA PDR PRO-II Holster and a few other one i can't remember the brands. The problem was that a STI Trojan is thicker a normal 1911 Gov pistol. So this gun does not fit.
  3. I own a 9mm STI Trojan 6" pistol. Until yet i just shoot static competitions. Now i want to try dynamic competitions so i need a holster. I already tried holsters für 1911 Gov Pistols but this one are to small for my gun. Which one do you recommend me? P.S. Sorry for my bad english ;-)
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