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  1. dccarper

    320 X5 magwell

    sorry to hear that, get an X5 full size and exchange between the 2 guns?
  2. interesting, I am late to the X5 game and didn't even know it had stainless barrels. But this is typical Sig, using early adopters as beta testers
  3. dccarper

    SIG 365

    seriously considering getting one for summer carry, but for everything comes out of Sig nowadays, I will wait a little bit so they can work out the bugs, been bitten by their MPX and MCX
  4. Just got one during the Chrismas sale, got a romeo 1 as well and will use it for carry optics
  5. I know it’s your skill, not the gun. But skill takes time to build, guns are fun to buy
  6. dccarper

    The Idea

    Thanks for the new forum
  7. Sorry to hear your dilemma, got to love CA
  8. dccarper


    Couldn't resist the sale and bought the RX instead
  9. dccarper

    Shadow2 Tune Up WOW!!

    Good to know, thanks
  10. Hope they can release STI similar to Walther match
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