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  1. Thanks, really appreciate all the info and advice.
  2. Where did you get the 2nd slide? I am interested in this setup as well.
  3. dccarper

    Carry Optics

    How is your Romeo 1 Holding up?
  4. Hi, Could you share the exact weight of your shadow2 with optics, magazine? And which optics you are using? interested to get mine milled by CZC as well. Thanks
  5. Yeah,what did you get, how do you like it? Any regrets?
  6. Anyone know you can have 2 top end for the same bottom? Like a 9mm plus a 40sw for wildcat?
  7. dccarper

    Are these ok to post?

  8. dccarper

    Sig MPX PCC

    Really Nice, are you going to change the muzzle device as well?