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  1. I cannot recommend the company. I ordered a v2 plate which they sent me. Upon arrival I noticed that It was faulty. So I contacted them about it and they sent a v3 out without problems. When It arrived at customs here in Sweden the postal service representative scanned the parcel wrong so that they couldn't contact me so after 14 days the plate was sent back to CHPWS. Upon realising this I contacted CHPWS, explaining the situation but didn't get a response. I've sent them about 5 mails to different addresses and sent messages on their Facebook. None of my messages or mails have been returned even though they have been read... So apparently since my postal service screwed up and the package was returned to them they see fit to just take my money and keep the product. Even though I've kept a good tone through all mails and even offered to pay once again for shipping.
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