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  1. Welcome to the Poors! Go ahead and pour yourself a cheap beer and heat up some leftovers, you deserve it!
    Your plan seems do-able. I think there needs to be some mechanical interference fitting to keep the comp from spinning out of time, which is the problem I have been having. I will defer to the others that have had greater success than I.



  2. Ace Race Bracket - Related to gun in theme of Open Poors... 

    $14 at lowes and $59 from Ben Stoeger for the block. I had a detailed explanation on another site, but I think we all know what's goin on here so I will save the read.


    Looking for opinions on the outside trigger guard. Right now the winning option is just another piece of angle bolted to the rearward facing flat bolted under the block



  3. I might just do that. I don't plan on running this a lot so I may just build another upper for minor with no comp. That would allow me to weld the f*#ker on ot whatever. 

    I'm gonna float the idea of a roll pin on the bottom of the comp, vs just a set screw. Or maybe 3 more set screws... we shall see...


    I totally dig your builds on the other forum where I'm newageroman...

  4. Tried a couple more mags this past weekend. Comp spun more out of time. took it back to the smith. will add another set screw and see how that rolls.

    Made my first pistol grip with local walnut. looks like a beaver chewed it for now, but feels ohh so right in the hand.

  5. Hit 600 yd steel with the ARC today. Started by running groups at 100. they were meh... I hade a few at 2450 and sent them down to 2/3/500 easily.

    Walked to the long range and scored hits on the 4'x4' sighter steel plate. high right due to wind. landed 4 hits, not the best grouping, but seeing impacts @600 is encouraging.

    I did have 1 Failure to feed, but I think it was related to the brass catcher thowing shells back into the chamber. It wasn't as soft shooting as I had hoped. I was hoping to be able to sight the hits, but even at 7x I was off due to muzzle rise - that reminds me I need a muzzle brake duh!


    I'm going to start pumping these out on the dillon and get more brasses to convert. conversion brasses will be for sale on my site soon.




  6. Initial results look good. Brass came in, and resized and trimmed. Hand primed(I forgot how good nice new primer pockets are) and loaded ladder load (pairs of rounds in + .3 grns/ea) starting nice and low. Checking Brass each pair, I got just a very slight cratering, but no real flattening and no ejector marks. To my surprise the very last/highest load for the day was a duplicate (matching pair) at 2446. Going to load up some 5 round groups in this area and see how they run. May make a few extra sets of that 2446 load to throw at some of the steel targets.


    I saw a bobcat on the way back from the range. first time I've ever seen one in the wild. I found some CFE 223, but holding off until I get a good load with this setup. Will most likely just run this std 105 Berger bullet...


    More to come.

  7. Initial results look good. First round was a sighter.

    2nd Group 6mmARC - ppVarmit Berber105s


    First group no pictures I was getting setup with a good rest. After checking the brass I proceeded to the 2nd group pictured. Checked that brass and saw flat primers and moderate cratering (similar/typical to factory) and 1 pierced primer. Stopped there.

    Have 250 Starlines on the way, but will be a couple weeks. I think I'm going to focus on this bullet/powder combo. 

    I did notice that the two mags that I currently have are different mag length, so I'll have to load shorter to fit both mags. I seated them at 2.230" and just ran the mag that would fit them.


  8. Anyone running these post up. Just ordered 250 starline Brass, for conversion convert them. 

    The way I see it right now, we have everything but brass to make it happen. Hornady is great and all, but we know the brass aint the best. I think it will be a while before the good companies make runs on it, but that will not stop me in the meantime. I did see that Georgia Arms sometimes has once fired.


    Also looking for opinions on annealing before necking down. or other options on getting ahold of once fired/new 6ARC brass.


  9. Did a bit of load testing today with other pistols and ran the gun again.

    got: Avg-1374 with 124s using same load as prev. Dot on clays at 50. 97B and 6ARC also ran great.

    I noticed that the dot never really left the window, it just jumped to the top and then back down.

    My next batch I am going to back it down a hair.

    Love the CZs!

  10. yeah, I saw those the other day and dang they are nice. I have 97 and 6ARC boolits to buy though... I'll come up with something and post in another month or so, carry on grand masters until then!

  11. Its mounted, sighted in and ran it yesterday. 

    When I pulled it out my wife said "is all that laser stuff IDPA legal"? lol...

    She helped me sight it in with clays on the 50yd berm.


    The grip broke, I knew it would. I have replacement in development.

    Now on to the holster, with this big honking 90 offset thing, Im thinknig racemaster or similar, but I'm also cheap so I have some options in mind.  For Holster, has anyone just bought the racemaster holster inserts and milled/formed their own cradle/attachment?


    Already left the battery on all night after some dry draws and it seemed dim in the sunlight now. Need to grab a couple of back up batts and make the on off part of load and chamber checking.


    Smith removed the rear sight (which will be going on old 75B). He tapped the comp on top with a set screw and red locktite. He timed the barrel correclty and rockset it. He said the comp is already eroding and wont last. My reply was Donk Care, gonna run it till it breaks and then make another. He also makes his own comps with Ti, so he has those capabilities for the future.


    Loads shot pretty good, brass seemed to show very slight cratering on primer, but still nothing worse than factory HD rounds I've commonly seen in factory guns.. I ran this batch of rounds on the 650 with the Dillon powder drop and an extra baffle. checking loads very often, they all came out within +/- .1 gn. so they all went in the bin - Previous batches were all hand weighed/confirmed off the press.


    If I get a holster this weekend I may run uspsa, otherwise will be 3 gun with NEW 97B!, garand and 870. decisions decisions...




  12. So.. dropped off the gun at local shop to have it mounted to the SP-01.

    Learned a couple of things:

    With the horiz setup, it blocks the left side view of the sights, so that forces you to work from left to right. Also must remove rea sight to dis assemble the gun. so a slide racker is next.


    He said lots of guys are running CO style dots (frame mounted) on open guns now. My reply was well, this is bought so I'm running it.


    He also said hes getting out of open major because slides only last about 20-30k rounds. I doubt this one will see a fraction of that.


    So, three holes drilled and tapped in the frame, he uses bigger screws, and then a couple holes drilled in the comp for set screws in the side.

    In other news, I went by my other local enabler looking for a 97 and got talked into a SAR P8L. Ergos and finish are great!


  13. So is the sight block just to add weight and keep the muzzle down (in addition to longer radius)?


    I just stumbled on this thread doing a search for Shadow threaded barrel. You guys need to stalk the professor. He is the dude about building open poos guns. Mine is in progress, 90 mount and Cmor dot on the way.
    Its an SP-01 build full cajun, threaded (and throated) barrel and 11 port SJC comp. Load for 9maj on D650.

    Now I'm on the fence about nex build 97 same way or another 01 backup gun.

    As far as capacity I can get 23 in with hennig baseplates, good enough for me til chezmate $$$ just falls into my pocket.


    Alll.... thanks to atlas...
    Ludes build is in this thread below as well..

    I think hes been working on long mags.


    There IS a shadow 1st gen locally that I could snag and build. How are you going to put a comp on the S2? I asked about thrteaded barrel options to CGW just yesterday and got this:

    The only place we are aware of that has threaded barrels for either model is Bar-Sto.  The barrels are about $330 and some of them need quite a bit of fitting which will run $45-$90.


    On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 3:57 PM Brandon Prater <cajungunworks@gmail.com> wrote:
    From: Brandon Prater Subject: Threaded barrel for Shadow 1 and/or 97 Message Body: hey, getting ready for my next build. What is the easiest/cheapest way tot get a threaded barrel on a Shadow first Gen? Do you guys have threaded barrels for the 97? Digg your stuff! keep filing! -- This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Cajun Gun Works.open?upn=6qSIEg1-2BS-2FEsaFmyhuJT51xk2zO
    Also note that the S2 ext mag catches and safeties fit the 01 - win!



  14. Having similar issue with mine. It held for a while but started to come out of time once again - Its been a *fun process of dykem and facing the comp to the shoulder of the threaded CZ barrel. My latest attempt lasted a local match. Using 272 with no set screw.

    I'm newb to comps and open, just shoot local matches, no all day burn em down out of town matches.


    So... I'm back to taking it off, then reinstalling with a set screw or roll pin.

    I'm leaning toward the roll pin, as that seems easier to manage in the field/on the bench. If I go Pin, should I try blue locktite too, or just leave it as is. Any other distince advantages/dis advantages of using a rollpin? seems like it is not used that often compared to set screw. why?



    I was also thinking about sticking the gun in the freezer and then warming up the comp with a heat gun to break the 272. I don't know if it would really help any but well see.


    Do ya'll swab/spray the ports to keep carbon from sticking? I've heard that's a thing.


  15. Very interesting. I've got a PCC and some czs to load for. Are you running it in competition? If so you may be limited to the certian weights of bullets if you load for major.

    I would think that you can either try to load hotter with slower powder to work the comp - like a 9mm open gun,


    Try a light PF load with 147s - but note that wont work the comp as much.


    Normally I run my CZ 124 minor loads through the PCC, but I just worked up to open major with a comp so now I'm wondering what that would be like in the Ruger PCC.


  16. Hats off again to the folks here for help with this.

    Have cheely mount in hand, but its not the horiz offset so gonna get that swapped.
    What is the best dot size for c more in bama sun. I'm thinking 8MOA but newb so plz schl?

    The gun seemed to run great besides one mag issue with the first round. First action match in a year so a bit rusty but it was pretty fun. Looking back at those popper shots its pretty good POI, probably a couple inches high, but I'll take it until the dot.

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