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  1. I'm trying to jump into open major from limited. Shooting a cajunized SAO 75B 9mm.

    Threaded 75B barrels are out of stock, I'm considering just buying a 6" barrel and threading the end for a comp (poors/quick/dirty). Would there be a distinct advantage to leaving it 6" or  cut down to 5" then thread? IDC about sight radius as will D/T for optic. Understood that draw and transitions would be affected, I'm mostly wanting to see if the longer barrel will allow lower pressures while still making major. I don't care about looks because people look at me and my gun in a funny way already.



  2. Looking for options/opinions on the best rear sight for competition:


    Gun is old 75B SAO limited minor with standard sight height FO front blade.

    CZCustoms has one for $45 that uses the standard front sight height

    Dawson precision has some, but I don't see just the rear sight.

    Adjustable ones would be cool, but looks like they need taller fronts, also worried about them coming loose.

    Budget minded option will most likely win - any money left on the table will obviously be spent on other gun stuff in the queue.



  3. After reading the article at this link a while back -https://www.dropbox.com/s/mmk8tv8yrk7vii7/12.23.15-Dillon-Prometheus-Article.pdf?dl=0 

    it really opened my eyes as to the ability of the 550 - I run a 650, but I think a lot of what is in that article could be done on the 650 as well.

    I haven't ventured down that road yet but might later this season. I will still be weighting out charges on a separate powder drop though. Note that they are sizing and loading in one process/toolhead. I would think that the possibility of sizing and loading in one run would be determined somewhat by bolt or gas. Gas needing more sizing, which means more case stretching, which means more trimming.


  4. 2 hours ago, zzt said:

    FS, as Beef said, pure lead works the best.  If you use hard cast, just remember your actual bore diameter will be a tad less than measured.  The reason is because the barrel bulges when hard projectiles are fired.  When you shoot a .356 hollow point through a .355 bore, the bore is still .355 afterward, and the bullet is still .356"  The barrel bulges as the bullet pass and returns when it has passed.  


    Your problem with hard cast will come if you have a big bore.  There are 9mm barrels out there with .357/.358 bores.  A hard cast slug won't help you if that is the case.  I order my slugs from Dardas Bullets.  The are pure lead round oversize balls.  If memory serves they are 3 for a buck.  Drop one in and tap through using a bore sized dowel and a small hammer.  No matter how large your bore, these ball will measure it.  If you are not sure of your measurements, you can send them back to Dardas.  He will accurately measure them for you.

    that's very interesting. thanks for sharing the bulge.

  5. So I recently got some 125 blue bullets. Id heard that they were a bit undersized at .355 and accuracy reports were varied. I've slugged rifle barrels before, but not slugged my CZ barrel. So... I decided to try something new and hopefully easier. I've never heard of anyone else doing this and looking for opinions on why or why not to do it this way.


    With no powder on the bench, and only this single bullet, I sized and primed a case and seated the bullet, intentionally creating a squib. Took this squib round directly to the gun and then fired it outside in safe direction and got the expected puff, removed the barrel and pounded it out. There was my slug - it had definite markings for the rifling - ready to measure. It was dark and not well lit so I had a tough time getting calipers in the right spots on the lands and grooves but from what I could tell it was swaged down by the barrel a bit on both the lands and grooves.


    cons - The only con I can see with this method is that the throat or leade may be shot out and a little bigger than the muzzle of the barrel.


    pro - much easier than slugging the entire barrel. you slug the barrel with the actual bullet you will be using, not some super soft lead that may have some spring back and not give proper measurements.

  6. Hey guys, new here. I shoot limited minor local matches with cz75B (I know), but figure this is the best place, please feel free to move if needed.


    I'm wanting to add a magwell and have seen some aluminum ones for pretty cheap and then some brass ones from europe for $$$. I'm more of a function vs form kind of guy, is the weight of the brass an advantage over aluminum? I can see the usefulness of heavy brass baseplates, but I'm not 100% sold on the magwell being heavy as an advantage. but then again, I'm a newb.



  7. First post - lurker no longer.


    Call me cheap but these work great.


    Spent primer chute - 44 mag (rimmed case) with the primer/case head drilled/honed out in place of the tray (case mouth pointed to the floor). Then PVC tube over the mouth of the case, run it to your 20. oz bottle or whatever.


    Live primer chute - 12 gauge shell, cut a vertical slit down to the brass, then trim it down a bit (so that the lever just barely clears it). Slide it over the spent primer chute and it will catch up to about 50 or 60 before overflow.


    Can provide pics if needed.


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