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  1. Hats off again to the folks here for help with this. Have cheely mount in hand, but its not the horiz offset so gonna get that swapped. What is the best dot size for c more in bama sun. I'm thinking 8MOA but newb so plz schl? The gun seemed to run great besides one mag issue with the first round. First action match in a year so a bit rusty but it was pretty fun. Looking back at those popper shots its pretty good POI, probably a couple inches high, but I'll take it until the dot.
  2. sweet. I might go this route for future builds. I ended up farming 2 barrels out (both for 9MAJ)
  3. Finally made 9 MAJ! First match this year (for me) is coming up this weekend. I figured I might as well jump in to open. So... Using SWMP I was able to make 5 shot avg. of 1343. I had a nice 45 min drive in the miata through the hills to shoot 3 groups of 5 rounds/power levels. The last made major, just as I had estimated based on prev data interpolation. Range was full, 3 separate groups of dads and young sons with all smiles. Ruger 22s rounded off the day and leftover clays on the berm. No jams, brass ejects ~5ft, very faint breech face mark on primer, very slight cratering
  4. More PF testing today. this gun is coming together nicely and I'm loving SWMP. I just did 5 shot groups for testing. Comp is holding time! I went back and added some red 272 on the inside of the comp threads where they come through the 1st chamber of the comp. I sopped the extra up with a Q tip. Let dry for a day and a half. I'm up to 8.80 gns @1283 and 159PF - NOTICABLE power increase from the previous load level, brass ejected ~3 ft, no jams, very faint square ejector mark, very slight cratering. This gun is becoming a sweet shooter for sure! Leaning toward a
  5. Ahh yes, proof in effect that its working? Would a mini comp that is just for show still function with lighter loaded minor PF rounds I saw one on another fugly gun and am now left wondering.
  6. Another test round today. Minor PF rounds = jams (assuming more weight of barrel/comp) Using SWMP (new to me - heard good stuff) 5 groups of 5 bullets over the chrono - I start LOW 6.5 ~915 7.0 ~1020 7.4 ~1105 7.6 ~1140 7.8 ~1150 Loving this powder so far, next test batch will tell more. Comp stayed in time GTG!
  7. Bringin out my COVIDead ...thread... DONG! The way I see it, open guns have comps as pretty much standard and that's the main reason why people don't run s2s (my best guess). Show me an S2 with a comp or a threaded barrel. I've only seen a pic of 2. 1 was fully custom and the other was some guy that took his checkmate barrel off and put it on an S2 - Which IMO is like a guy with a yaght on the river saying to the pleabs, hey dudes look at the ferrari engine I put in this jet ski.... And as just mentioned, the S2 barrels are hardened, so although reaming and threading co
  8. thats awesome! How did you time it and secure it? I just tested my 3rd attempt at fitting a comp on the 01 - Almost successful! I have the square glocky 11 port SJC comp. To time it correctly I hacked the face off and faced it down to time correctly and then used high temp locktite. It held time during the minor PF test rounds but started timing on the hotter rounds. I'll get pics up soon, I'm considering either a set screw or a through pin to keep it from rotating.
  9. Well I tried the comp and it lasted 2 mags before it started to come out of time again. It looks like I will be lapping down the threads or coming up with some shim washers. I had tried using some fine lead solder wrapped around the shoulder of the threaded barrel. It seated well and swaged flat to time it correctly. I added the red threadlocker alnong with it and tried it with minor PF rounds. Still loving the action and setup of the 01 SAO, can't wait to get this comp times and settled.
  10. That's cool. Good luck with it. I'm sure there is a powder with titanium spark suppressant somewhere...
  11. Sent 2 barrels off to be reamed to 1.160" one for my old 75B and the threaded 01 barrel. more slow progress when it gets back...
  12. There is still a gap between the comp and the barrel bushing. The gap was there when it was timed correctly and is still there. What I believe is happening is that the shoulder face of the extended threaded barrel is mating with the face of the counter bored comp, so my plan is to try lapping the face of the comp, which is about 1/2" deep into the body of the comp. I bet a .40 cal chamber reamer would do it properly. Of course the HF heat gun is toasted, so we will see this weekend. If it wont get it up to temp to ease the thread locker I have an oven and wel
  13. Well, my first try was a failure, I quit, going back to stock glocks... mmmkay.. 4 limited minor shots into testing it was out of time. I think I know why and I think I have a new plan. I think the way I sloped the profile of the relief on the comp it would still run, but be held at that point that is ~4 out of time. doesn't matter cause it will be addressed. The reason - When I dry fitted the comp it started to lock up on the threads when the comp was about 180 degrees from where it needed to be, the top vents were pointing almost straight down. When thinking abou
  14. it's in another thread on the other fav site - https://czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=108809.msg856435#msg856435 124 PDs (my fav) over sport pistol for limited minor. 124PDs over Alliant Power Pistol for major - considering other powders. load on D650.
  15. Took some filing, but it clears - polished dog turd, but whatevs, it clears. I'm wondering if it might help to have a thin brass spacer washer to time it just right, but looks like too much trouble. It would have to be very small and fitting would be a PIA(taking washer on and off and filing between times). I'm off to get some red lock-tite in the AM and with any luck, if it's not drenched this weekend, start out with limited rounds and see how she goes.
  16. Saving someone the hassle if they want to go that route of the reverse housing /plug. Here is the best chance I could come up with in the US. It is a link where you can sign up to be notified when the part is in. Can not pay for the part beforehand, only be notified. I skipped it because of reasons below... https://shop.cz-usa.com/SearchByKeyword?word=315047000002 Since that will require milling, and a Tac Sport slide, I'm skipping that option for now. I've made just a tiny bit of progress that shows promise, I think... So I couldn't screw the comp on far en
  17. 48 Recoil Spring Guide Casing from this diagram. https://cdn.cz-usa.com/hammer/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/75_TS_Czechmate_en_06-2012_web.pdf CZ-usa mentioned this: We do generally carry that item however it is currently out of stock. The part number is 315047000002 on our Webstore and is $50.00 before tax and shipping. I'm still a bit fuzzy on how/if the slide would need to be clearanced to use one of these. Is it a drop in and go or need milling/fitting. Has anyone threaded the end of the guiderod to accept a nub that would keep the comp fr
  18. I would think that you could either thread current fitted barrel - or buy a threaded barrel which most likely would have to be fitted. My threaded SP-01 replacement barrel did require fitting and I would not call it easy. Good luck! I've just emailed the normal places (first page results of google) and asked for in stock Czeckmate revers plug and guide rod and no on has them so far...
  19. Ronnie Jr. I'm looking at this setup now that I have threaded barrel and the same 11 port SJC comp in hand. Did this work out for you? idd you have any issues with the comp coming out of time? did you use the red threadlocker? I'm curious as to why you clearanced the frame as opposed to clearancing the comp? I'm considering just milling off the bottom corner nubs, and then take some off the mounting face so it times correctly (maybe with a thin washer or two). I WAS thinking that I could just fab some guide flats that mount to the pic rail and keep the square pr
  20. day late dolla dolla short... looking for this comp - as listed up there^^^ https://stores.sjcguns.com/sjc-major-9mm-11-port-aluminum-compensator/ so called SJC customs and N/A called shooters connection and they said they no longer distribute SJC so what they have is it. They have the 5 port but that's all, they do have 40 cal 11 port - pass. I'm also working on getting some machining tools and very interested in making a comp. and other parts. If there is a good book or resource on comp milling and comp design please advise. Update.. called SJC and guy an
  21. Ahh.. more wool removed. thx. I meant to post my gun in the open poors thread as it seemed more appropriate, but it was late and stuff. I appreciate the info and will try to keep this thread clean of my noob ???s. I think I'm going with the SJC Comp. After fitting my first barrel, I'm basically married to it for a while. I saw the relief cut on the frame of an 01 with same setup, and fell better about doing that than buying a new barrel and then treading and fitting it. Thank you for the link!
  22. Whoa, its been a crazy week. I'm just catching up on this thread. Lots of good info. Ludde, that setup looks very nice. I hope it shoots well for you. Did you have to ream chamber to get maj PF? Threaded barrel got lost in mail a few weeks ago - last one CZ had - now backordered, then original package shows up 2 weeks later... I just swapped internals from old 75B SAO conv to the 01. I had been putting it off, and parts of it were bad, but not near as bad as I'd been building it up in my mind. I learned a LOT the past week. Fitted S2 ext. safety, fitted my first threaded
  23. Ok, I'm on this train now. I've been lurking for a while. I just sold and S2, got my SP-01 safety model back so I have $$$ to build it now. The SA just didn't compare to my SAO gun, I have minimal interest in DA/SA. I thought about building up my 75B limited, but the beavertail on the 01 just feels so much mo bettah and that was the ultimately the deciding factor... about to order a threaded barrel and comp. Really like the long square comp, where did you get that one? After that SAO/Race Hammer, springs and magwell. Sights/optic will be last.
  24. If that barrel is longer than standard I'd be interested in it. I'm looking to put a comp on a standard 75B.
  25. Those Dawson adjustable look good. I originally wanted the three dot for accurate shooting, but found in stages, the solid black rear is better for me. My eyes tend to 'waste time' trying to line up the shot with the 3 dot. I had many people tell me this and I did not believe it until I got to a stage.
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