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  1. Yeah. Just notice how crappy my reload is. your accelerator drill is fast. This is the pace that get you all alpha? Or mostly alpha charlie?
  2. Normally shoot cz shadow 2. Just realized the video is when I borrowed someone else 9mm minor metrillo pistol
  3. Pretty much the only IPSC shooter in the range. So I need help reviewing my techniques. So I did try Ben Stoeger Accelerator drill but with smaller IPSC target (60% original size). Distance ratio should be the same. I placed target at 4.6m - 12m and 16m. Here is video I posted on youtube https://youtu.be/ye-bb80flIo 16m target: mostly alpha with perhaps 1 Charlie in a run 12m target: grouping is pretty much all over the place, occasionally I got 1 mike 4.6m target: mostly alpha Firstly, I have been doing a lot of transition drill but my transition time is still 0.7-1 s. Secondly no matter how fast I try my reload it always took 2-3second. Those time seems to be stagnant the past few months. I could go faster but result might be mostly in C/D. on Dry Fire of course it is a different matter.
  4. Tgun84IN

    shadow 2 crack?

    Well just happen to me. Crack and then metal bit fall off. Exactly at the same spot. Own the gun for less than a year. Probably 10-15k ammo. I am the only one who has this issue. All other czs2 in the club is made in czech. Mine is USA. Just curious for others where you czs2 made from if you have this issue? FYI if you are in the US, cz has confirmed they will replace. But I am in Asia. Tight gun regulation seems too troublesome to reexport and import the replacement.
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