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  1. In my opinion, I would say that both springs effect how it cycles. Just gotta find what combo you like.
  2. It’s a personal preference, it just felt better for me.
  3. I went from a 11 to a 15lbs mainspring on my S2 and it made a world of a difference with how the gun cycles.
  4. Rough? They look like complete garbage!
  5. I am disappointed in the finish of these.
  6. Just got these in...
  7. Seems like those will fit my XXL sized hands. I ordered a set of the blue.
  8. I just removeD mine completely and shoot without them, never had this problem again.
  9. I’ve never used them
  10. Rb43

    CZ recoil spring.

    I use a 10lb with factory ammo
  11. I run a 14lb It’s the flattest shooting gun that I have.
  12. Rb43

    CZ TSO Holster

    Ghost holster here
  13. Hi, checking in from Florida.
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