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  1. Ah yes, the spray and pray method makes perfect sense. This is is really great data and I have a special place in my heart for python so thanks for such an interesting post.
  2. I find I often reload before hitting the full 21 rounds in my mag(+ext) but it has made seating a mag during reloads much easier and that’s worthwhile on its own in my opinion.
  3. As you have learned it seems slide stop and trigger return spring are the first to go. Did you install the strong cgw trigger spring or an oem one?
  4. Are these going for about the same price as the current models?
  5. This is super cool. One thing that confuses me when trying to interpret the data: why is it that PCC has the highest average classifier yet Open has a higher percentage of A/B classified shooters Edit: Where did you scrape this from exactly?
  6. You mean “reclaim our roots for the next generation” is fluff ?
  7. I got a carbon arms ratchet for $27 shipped from their website and I thought it was a very nice piece for the price. I just wish I ditched the studs a long time ago. I like the smaller adjustments of the ratchet.
  8. Try Facebook marketplace.. they come up very infrequently but you can get notifications if anything matches “Dillon” and sometimes it’s being sold by a friend or family member so you can get solid deals.
  9. Do we know when this will hit US? I was about to get my shadow 2 milled for CO
  10. Poke around the classifieds here and you can see examples of urban grey wearing significantly more than black. I have a black shadow with several thousand rounds with negligible wear.
  11. I hit a 12x18 at 100 yards and that was plenty for me.
  12. Point taken. Thanks for pointing out that post guys.
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