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  1. My 0.02. I'm loading on a Dillon 650 w/Dillon dies. I do have the powder drop tube from AA installed and have been using it exclusively. I have loaded coated bullets for quite some time and have been quite happy with them. Call me a devoted fan of coated bullets. I've never really had a problem loading them. (The AA tube does help with seating the bullets IMHO.) I recently decided to try some 122 grain truncated cone coated bullets from ACME. I had been loading their 124 RN's with no issue. But some reason, I wanted to see what the TC bullets did. Don't ask me why. Apparently I'm not happy with success. Before I started loading them, I dutifully swapped the bullet seating stem from the RN profile to the flatter "TC/SWC" profile" in the Dillon seater die. After setting OAL, I started loading. Immediately I noticed I was producing crap loads. Shaving the coating. Inconsistent OAL. Unusually high reject rate on the case gauges. (Both the Dillon single and the Shockbottle "Hundo.") I played with the belling until the cases were screaming. Still inconsistent results as above, including coating shaving. I didn't think it was a bullet related problem as I've loaded thousands and thousands and thousands of ACME coated bullets. Never a problem!!!! But these were the first TC profile I had loaded. FINALLY I pulled the seating stem back out of the die and played with the bullet on both sides of the seating stem. It appeared that the flatter profile side of the stem would sometimes catch the tip of the bullet as I wobbled it side to side with my fingers. The RN profile did not catch the bullet. Hmmmmmm.... perhaps the bullet was prevented from aligning properly with the case because the tip of the bullet was catching in the seating stem? Swapped back to the RN profile, set the OAL and I started to produce a consistent quality reload. I am using mixed range brass and am wet tumbling w/o pins using the Brass Juice stuff. I will mention that the Brass Juice seems to leave a bit of lube on the cases as they run through the press much more smoothly than the standard Armor-All car wash w/wax and Lemi-shine mix I had been using previously. It also seems to remove tarnish off of brass as well.
  2. What?!?!? No app? No wifi? No BT? Crude. This looks promising regardless.
  3. I must have good water. I wet tumble my brass for 40 minutes at most. The majority of the cases come out looking like new. Edited to add: I used that Brass Juice for the first time today. It looks promising. It seems to help with tarnished brass much better than the usual car wash/citric acid mix.
  4. I think an Android eink reader such as this would be the way to go for PS squad scoring devices. Eink reader on Amazon Google Play can be installed on this one. So I believe Practiscore could be loaded and run on a device such as this. The biggest problem I can see is their expense. But to have something that is truly readable in sunlight!
  5. I use it too. I'm too lazy to chase after Sketchup.
  6. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I have a hard time walking past brass, even 9mm, so I've got a wide array of mixed brass I've been loading. I've noticed that almost invariably, Extreme brass will trigger the Dillon powder checker on the high side. That brass gets deprimed and chucked into the junk brass box. Maybe I'm being overly cautious, but I'm not exactly hurting for 9mm brass right now due to my zeal for all that glittery range brass. How does Extreme load for you?
  7. I run 3.8 of W231 with 124 coated Acmes. Like others have noted previously, its sooty but cleans up easily.
  8. What does this 3rd party belt clip do that the OEM one supplied with the timer doesn't? Thanks!
  9. Those darn local match directors!!!!
  10. I got our club affiliated late last year with USPSA/SC. The biggest problem you'll encounter is help; help with setting up and tearing down the stages. Given the proximity to that population, you shouldn't have much trouble drawing shooters. Holding a match every Saturday might become a burden depending on your enthusiasm. Find out who your section coordinator is. Get them involved. They should be happy to help. You won't get affiliated without their assistance. Get a couple Amazon HD8's for your scorekeeping devices. iPad displays wash out in any kind of sunlight. The Fires do a bit better. I've found it rewarding to get a club up and running. Good luck!
  11. I went way, way, WAAAAYYYY out on a limb and chose a Glock 17.
  12. Hi. I'm a mediocre C class SS shooter. I run matches in east central Nebraska. Our club has been affiliated with USPSA/SC for almost one year now. I'll be shooting Production this coming year for a change of pace.
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