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  1. Any picture? Very interesting problem
  2. How can you tell it's a 1.5 gen, beside the manufacture date? Thanks.
  3. Good to know this. I try really hard to prevent blinking, specially the first shot.
  4. bluesky

    SIG 365

    I have been interested in it for a while now. Sounds like I need to shoot one before buying one.
  5. December 2019? Good, should give me enough time to save for it.
  6. I would like to order a small frame next year.
  7. Thank you for your information. I will contact LOK.
  8. Will this set of grips fit my witness? http://outfittersworld.com/pachmayr-dominator-cz75-g10-grips-gray-black/
  9. Thank you two for ideas. Soldering iron sounds easier to me. I will plan for these steps over the weekend.
  10. I didn't think about this method at all, thank you very much. Time to add one more tool to my tiny box.
  11. My comp screw is very tight, and I am afraid of strip the screw. I plan to use lots of PB Blaster on it next.
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