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  1. Daredevil ? Very cool movie
  2. ravster

    I like this thing

    I love dogs very much
  3. ravster

    Best drill for a newbie

    Increase grip pressure. What are your splits?
  4. ravster

    Range Usage Agreement

    I have something like that
  5. ravster

    New To The Forum

    USPSA is my favorite. The best equipment for me
  6. ravster

    New Sig MPX ?

    The MPX s#!t where it eats is incredibly dirty for a “piston” system. Maybe a new version (Unofficial Gen3?) Will work out all the problems with the platform.
  7. ravster

    Handguard Replacement Question??

    I use the same one. Please note that if they have not changed over the past few years, they do not work well with side chargers. It should be more careful.
  8. ravster

    Benelli open vs Dissident Arms

    Interesting, but how reliable is it?
  9. ravster

    Barrel clamp necessary?

    If you use a quality extension, nothing bad will happen without clamping. Don't be afraid, bolder.
  10. Yep, I think this is the best answer. There is already a matter of taste.