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  1. BorderShift

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Thanks for the heads up. So far 100% with winchesters. The da pull weight is workable for me. When I send the gun off to get cylinders chamfered and hammer bobbed I will likely have a bowen extended firing pin and bowen target rear sightsight put on. Between the firing pin and bobbed hammer I think that should get me in pretty reliable territory. I'm using Winchester primers as I can get them local and are usually in stock I have not seem federal small pistols for some time.
  2. BorderShift

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Just from my perspective. It is a tank of a pistol, the vast majority of the weight is in the cylinder. I think it is decently balanced, ruger is using a tensioned barrel with outer shroud so not much weight out at the end. One thing I really like is da pull there is a distinct "notch" when the cylinder locks up just before the hammer breaks. I feel like this really helps with the longer shots. Have compared to a stock 929 at local gun shop, best way I can describe is the ruger da pull feels "sluggish" not necessarily heavier. Just my 2 cents but with out a tuned smith to compare to hard to give a real comparison. Have not made up my mind on grips yet, I gravitate towards a switch hand reload being left handed and right eye dominate and shooting right hand. Looking at a set of houge nylons to carve up and see if I can do better.
  3. BorderShift

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    My 8 shot 357 redhawk is right at 8.5 lbs with a spring kit. Just think the da pull could be made lighter with separate hammer and return springs. And wider range of grip options with a grip stud instead of a square butt grip frame.
  4. BorderShift

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Hey glad to see some life in this topic. Yes please. Ruger needs to make this happen. got my moon clips from TK yesterday. Very happy. Though I'm not shure why you would need a moon clip loading tool. My 38 shorts snapped in by hand no problem. I could see if they were tight so as not to bend the clip. I have to say I am surprised no one else has even seen anyone using a redhawk 357. Guess I'll just keep marching to my own beat.
  5. BorderShift

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Something else I have been thinking about is if the grip frame from a super redhawk or gp100 could be swamped for the standard redhawk grip frame. That seems to be the biggest drawback. A single spring to run hammer and trigger return. Why ruger, why?
  6. BorderShift

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Thinking i might go with the one from north mountain or get a moon clip server.
  7. BorderShift

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Well tk just shipped my moon clips. Guess I will email him about work I want done and get an idea of turnaround time when I get around to it. Btw a safariland 002 holster for an N frame works decently on the redhawks. Think it was for a 627. Only other thing I need to get rolling is a moon clip rack.
  8. BorderShift

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    That was my thought. So far I have been experimenting with starline 38 long Colts and short colts. The moon clips ruger sends are decent. The cheap stamped clips are just that. But so far the main thing slowing me down is a lack of chamfer. Spring kit has da pull around 8.5 lbs. Just ordered hearthco moons from to customs. Was curious about the open package he is offering for the ruger. Though I think I want to shoot in limited.
  9. BorderShift

    Ruger 3055. 8 shot redhawk

    Hey all, new to forum. Have been a shooter since I was a kid. Started reloading when I was 14. got bit by the revolver bug again bought a tarus 77 and realized it was not going to hold up to the volume of shooting I had in mind (7k+ in the past 4 months). 2 months ago bought a ruger redhawk 8 shot 357. Had seriously considered a smith 929 or a 627 but was concerned about getting a lemon with Smith's QC being what it is and gun shop not able to get a 627 v comp. have been lurking on forum for a few weeks and have not really seen much talk on the redhawk. Figured I would "stir the pot" as it were. have put 1k or so rounds through mine so far. And at least twice that dry fire. Have also installed wolf spring kit. So far I have been pretty happy with it. Next up is getting hammer bobbed and changer cylinder. Hoping to be ready to start shooting icore and uspsa at local club when spring hits ... And not look like a dummy.
  10. BorderShift

    New revo shooter

    Joined for advice and info for icore, uspsa revolver.