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  1. Ok, Let's resurrect this thread. Just got my redhawk back from TK customs. What a diffrence! The da on this thing is like silk compared to before. I went with the package they offer for the redhawk except I had them install a Bowen rough country sight. Have not shot I it yet but did a little dry fire.
  2. My redhawk is at TK getting tuned. I'll post some thoughts when it comes back.
  3. As an owner of an 8 shot redhawk, here is what my experience has been. 1 they are built like a tank. 2 with a spring kit 8 to 8 1/2 lbs DA is about the best you will get. 3 even at 8lbs the trigger feels "sluggish" compared to a smith. 4 I have maybe 4k rounds through gun and have had zero issues that were not ammo or user error related. that said mine is currently at TK customs getting there package done for the 8 shot but with bowen iron sightsight. Is it better than a tuned smith? No, but I like it and that's all I care about.
  4. Just used up the last of it. Had a few hang fires at the range yesterday. Think this is exactly what is going on.
  5. Going to run a few more rounds this weekend and see if problem persits. If I think about it I will take a few pics.
  6. This I what's making me wonder if the light bullet maybe at play. Thought I also mentioned I was having hang fires as well. Don't rember signing up for a flintlock revolver
  7. I do not wet tumble brass. I did suspect a powder charging problem at first. But the amount of unburnt powder stuck behind the bullets leads me to an ignition issue. I will say temps were mid to low 40s and raining. But shy of dunking ammo in water I don't think that could cause this issue. That being said. I do not have a light on my press so it is possible some charges were light.
  8. Been shooting up a case of magtech/ginex primers for plinking ammo in my Taurus . Been having issues with autocomp igniting. Tried some Winchester primers same issue. Suspect it may be the cold damp weather at outdoor range. I was not having any problems until recently with the same load. After knocking bullets out of the gun with a brass rod there is plenty of unburnt powder clumped behind bullet. Several times I have had hang fires. Do have a spring kit in Taurus but have not had any ignition issues before. Thankfully I'm working through the last pound of it. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. Thanks for the heads up. So far 100% with winchesters. The da pull weight is workable for me. When I send the gun off to get cylinders chamfered and hammer bobbed I will likely have a bowen extended firing pin and bowen target rear sightsight put on. Between the firing pin and bobbed hammer I think that should get me in pretty reliable territory. I'm using Winchester primers as I can get them local and are usually in stock I have not seem federal small pistols for some time.
  10. Just from my perspective. It is a tank of a pistol, the vast majority of the weight is in the cylinder. I think it is decently balanced, ruger is using a tensioned barrel with outer shroud so not much weight out at the end. One thing I really like is da pull there is a distinct "notch" when the cylinder locks up just before the hammer breaks. I feel like this really helps with the longer shots. Have compared to a stock 929 at local gun shop, best way I can describe is the ruger da pull feels "sluggish" not necessarily heavier. Just my 2 cents but with out a tuned smith to compare to hard to g
  11. My 8 shot 357 redhawk is right at 8.5 lbs with a spring kit. Just think the da pull could be made lighter with separate hammer and return springs. And wider range of grip options with a grip stud instead of a square butt grip frame.
  12. Hey glad to see some life in this topic. Yes please. Ruger needs to make this happen. got my moon clips from TK yesterday. Very happy. Though I'm not shure why you would need a moon clip loading tool. My 38 shorts snapped in by hand no problem. I could see if they were tight so as not to bend the clip. I have to say I am surprised no one else has even seen anyone using a redhawk 357. Guess I'll just keep marching to my own beat.
  13. Something else I have been thinking about is if the grip frame from a super redhawk or gp100 could be swamped for the standard redhawk grip frame. That seems to be the biggest drawback. A single spring to run hammer and trigger return. Why ruger, why?
  14. Thinking i might go with the one from north mountain or get a moon clip server.
  15. Well tk just shipped my moon clips. Guess I will email him about work I want done and get an idea of turnaround time when I get around to it. Btw a safariland 002 holster for an N frame works decently on the redhawks. Think it was for a 627. Only other thing I need to get rolling is a moon clip rack.
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