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  1. I have a small base for that I can try, but I don’t understand why the case will gauge correctly before I seat the bullet and then afterwards it doesn’t. I’ve tried a Dillon FL sizing die and also a Lee die that does the same thing. I’m honestly about to pull my hair out!
  2. Ok, here is a little more info. I can take a fully prepped case that fits perfectly into the case gauge and chamber it. It ejects with ease. As soon and I load it, it becomes super hard to eject. Something is happeneing during the seating stage, but I can’t figure it out. I’ve measure the case for overall length, diameter at the mouth, diameter right before the shoulder, right after the shoulder and then again back by the rim and all of these measure within spec. It’s so weird!
  3. Ok guys, I am having a problem that I just can't figure out. I have loaded several thousand rounds of .223 with no issues. All of a sudden, I am having problems. My brass prep is as follows: Wash with water and a bit of Lyman cartridge cleaner on a Lyman Cyclone. I then dry with the Lyman Case dryer. I then size and trim with my Dillon XL650 and RT1500. I then do a quick rinse in the Cyclone to remove the case lube. I then chamfer and debur and finally do a quick swage with the DIllon super swager 600. I drop all of my cases in a Lyman case checker and they all fit no problem. After I load them, they don't quite fit flush in the case gauge, but only stick up ever so slightly. These will run through my gun no problem. This last batch i ran stuck up a little more than normal in the case gauge so I decided to try and cycle a few through my gun. I found that they would chamber but it is really difficult to get them to eject by racking the charging handle. I took them out to the range and shot 50-100 rounds without any problems ejecting. I may be making a problem out of nothing, but I shoot competition and don't want to have any extraction failures in a match. Can yall think of anything that is going on here? I also have two different rounds that have almost identical specs all the way across. One chambers and ejects with ease, the other is super hard to eject.
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