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  1. Welcome from the opposite part of the State- Nice looking setup you have there.
  2. Nice... Where did you find it at?
  3. Just loaded my first batch of 147 gr Blue Bullets with 3.2 Gr of 244..OAL 1.132... shoots nice and easy in my Sig Legion but I haven't gotten any chrono results yet so zero help there.
  4. Another for Weber Tactical... They have it for USPSA also- its just not shown on the website drop down...I had to specify in the notes column..
  5. I'd love to be at the SHOT Show and get a first peek and hands on the new models- Hopefully there will be some internet news releases to give us the 411...
  6. 1 9/16" measured to the end of the slide... be advised that the TRP rail is cut at an angle..roughly 30 degrees with my uncalculated eye.. Hope this helps KK
  7. I had issues with the Tanfo (Mec-Gar) composite follower wearing and sneaking past the slide stop locking the slide open and wedging the magazine in place. I replaced them with the Grams follower and spring and have had zero issues since. IFG Tanfo S1 10mm
  8. Update- Finally got a chance to test out the Stock 1 mags with the Grams Engineering Springs and followers... worked thru 200 rds with zero issues on slidelock.. Ordered 4 more to re-fit my other mags. Two thumbs up for Grams Engineering products.
  9. Good question, but no, none of the mags have been dropped or damaged Afaik. Got the GE followers and springs installed. The followers are steel and definitely shaped differently from the stock plastic ones... I won't be back to the range to try them until after the first of the year. Will post the results and hope the problem is solved..
  10. Seems to be confined to 1 mag for sure and the second one again once every 4th or 5th time.. I ordered 2 new 10mm specific Grams Engineering springs and followers to see if that might solve the issue... To Polymer- I did have 2 premature slidelock engagement issues today at the range....I will take a hard look at the stop to see if and where its making contact..I shoot Lefty and don't have the issues of bumping the stop so at least I can rule that out.. later in the session I had a couple of FTRB but that was after 150 rounds of MagTech..I pullled the slide and wiped the feedramp o
  11. Went to the range today with my 10mm stock 1... at the end of a string the slide locked back but the magazine would not drop....after some WTF moments I found that the mag follower had jumped past the slide stop/release locking it up...and only by shoving down on the follower could I get things back in order. Im not sure if the follower is the culprit or the Slide stop. One mag consistently does it (Aha, So its that mag!)....but wait! one other mag will do it every 4th or 5th time... the gun has about 1k rounds through it and I don't know where to start.. Mags are the Mec Gar 14 rd which I loa
  12. Italian Firearms Group now has them all listed under the Defiant line, with 3 models.. Stock I, Limited Pro, and the Defiant Force Plus (poly frame on this one)
  13. I was going to start with IDPA, but with the usual rumors flying around about the long term health of said organization, I would not be opposed to venturing in to USPSA. Of course it may depend on which one is closer or even available in my area... Having never shot either one from what I have read IDPA has more classes that allow me to use my EDC gear and not be left behind technology-wise...More "real world" scenarios? Again having never shot in either discipline I am speaking from a place of ignorance and may be way off in my interpretation.
  14. I really like your Harveys IWB rig....Sadly I couldn't find one in my neck of the woods quite like it....so I got lucky with the AG one fitting so well. Very nice setup there!
  15. Been in and around firearms for 40+ years....Spent some time in the Military and then a few years in Law Enforcement... Did some IPSC shooting back when it was pretty much the only game in town...Never had the discipline to commit much time or energy (read $$) to it and found other interests... Now that retirement leaves me with a bit more free time I want to get back to the shooting sport and hopefully improve on what I started way back when.. I have read so much good information here from so many knowledgeable people... I hope I can contribute here and there and bring something t
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