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  1. I can't shoot groups either, certain days I can kill it, other days I swear it's the gun. At the end of the day, it has always been me....
  2. Been there!! That power better be hooked up!!!!
  3. I wrote the book on being a dumb-ass, leaving s#!t at home. I have a list of necessities for each match next to the door that I depart from each morning en route to a match. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but after 15 years of marriage she has become a believer!!!
  4. 20,000 rounds w MBX 140mm mags for 9/38s and no issues!!
  5. I have a Bushnell 1-6.5x w BTR-2 reticle, tough to beat for 3 Gun!!!
  6. I use green fiber optic, seems to work better for me in varying light conditions. I use .090 from Brazos Custom Gunworks, exceptional customer service!!
  7. Shoot steel. MGM Targets has a Sportsman Series "Portable Plate Rack" that can be bought for $250. Just shoot steel targets with varying transition lengths.
  8. Peak Performance Ammo has a 75gr Hornady load w a cannalure that is actually pretty amazing. it is slow (2,560 MV form an 18") but is crazy accurate! $400 per 1K.
  9. Strelok is a great App!! I use it with a "Weatherflow" meter that attaches to my iphone to get temp, humidity, etc. Very comparable to a Kestrel!!
  10. I cannot tell the difference between the variable vs. conventional springs. Have tried 8#, 9#, and 11#
  11. cconnection - Are those Steelmasters pre-set for low pf loads in the 110 to 120 range? Thanks!
  12. Michael1one - That is a badass case configuration that you have there, is that a Patriot case?? Was that liner "grid-perforated"?
  13. I too have thought of the Glock gun case, looking for feedback on this...
  14. MikeThomas

    Two Eyes Open

    I'm right handed and left-eye dominant. Tried the tape on my glasses and only got nauseated, but that was just me. The tape method has been very effective for friends of mine.
  15. These drills helped me a great deal when I was starting out, especially my draw time to target.
  16. The DQ club only has 2 kinds of members - those that have DQ'ed and those that will DQ......
  17. What load are folks running in .40 minor? I use a 165gr at 140pf.
  18. MikeThomas

    Texas Star Order

    I do top, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right!
  19. I buy the hand warmers by the dozens!
  20. Does Pure Gold do a Skeet Choke?
  21. I second the above on the a400 barrel!!
  22. Agree with Dranoel above, had popple holes on a Kidd Custom Viper a while back and I think they were very counter-productive.
  23. Any issues with comps cracking under that kind of pressure?
  24. I second the above comments, the game changer is the way to go!!
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