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  1. I can't shoot groups either, certain days I can kill it, other days I swear it's the gun. At the end of the day, it has always been me....
  2. Been there!! That power better be hooked up!!!!
  3. I wrote the book on being a dumb-ass, leaving s#!t at home. I have a list of necessities for each match next to the door that I depart from each morning en route to a match. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but after 15 years of marriage she has become a believer!!!
  4. 20,000 rounds w MBX 140mm mags for 9/38s and no issues!!
  5. I have a Bushnell 1-6.5x w BTR-2 reticle, tough to beat for 3 Gun!!!
  6. I use green fiber optic, seems to work better for me in varying light conditions. I use .090 from Brazos Custom Gunworks, exceptional customer service!!
  7. Shoot steel. MGM Targets has a Sportsman Series "Portable Plate Rack" that can be bought for $250. Just shoot steel targets with varying transition lengths.
  8. Peak Performance Ammo has a 75gr Hornady load w a cannalure that is actually pretty amazing. it is slow (2,560 MV form an 18") but is crazy accurate! $400 per 1K.
  9. Strelok is a great App!! I use it with a "Weatherflow" meter that attaches to my iphone to get temp, humidity, etc. Very comparable to a Kestrel!!
  10. I cannot tell the difference between the variable vs. conventional springs. Have tried 8#, 9#, and 11#
  11. cconnection - Are those Steelmasters pre-set for low pf loads in the 110 to 120 range? Thanks!
  12. Michael1one - That is a badass case configuration that you have there, is that a Patriot case?? Was that liner "grid-perforated"?
  13. I too have thought of the Glock gun case, looking for feedback on this...
  14. MikeThomas

    Two Eyes Open

    I'm right handed and left-eye dominant. Tried the tape on my glasses and only got nauseated, but that was just me. The tape method has been very effective for friends of mine.
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