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  1. Thanks Phil for this info. Just an FYI, I ran into a similar issue with Optics Planet where they had the optic and the steel shield in stock and I ordered them. A week went by and no package. Went to OP’s webpage to check status and read where they were 5 to 7 weeks behind so I canceled. I just checked and looks like they took the 5-7 weeks time frame out, but still said they are at least a week + behind on shipping and not to expect an answer to emails for a week, and please don’t call. It appears unless you are like an “Amazon” many smaller venders are having problems. OP is not a small vender, but compared to the “Amazons” I guess it is. Cheers- Joe
  2. LOL, FTP Shooting Sports, (Phil ?) I don’t venture into the BE forums enough though I should. I will say Phil @ FTP has been a great help to me in my search in a solid built, feature rich quality RDS. Should I say Aye, or Cheers.
  3. Looks like a good start for a plinker like me. Now, to “email PSL a couple Notify Me’s” when in stock and jump. I hope they offer the hand guard without the pic rail at 6 &.12 in the middle. Oh and a MFT or MOE stock.....?
  4. Oh I am. I know you’re enjoying the TSO.
  5. I’m a newbie, just read this and want to say thank you sir.
  6. Yep, thought about that also. Thinking a doublestack 9mm 1911, but grip is just not “1911 right”. I also seem to stay so confused on all the “rules”. Yup, got a lot to learn. For now I think I’m going to “try” production with the Shadow. I do have a 3 1/2 barrel 9mm 1911 I carry, but I will have a 5” barrel 9mm 1911 single stack before to long. I at least need to see how my arthritic hands will handle it. LOL, I have a LS ported V 16 Springfield 45 super that I’ve had for 30+ years that’s going to my grave. Might try that, but I think I’d end up in the full race class, and it’s even a little painfull after a hundred rounds or so of 230 cast ball. 5 grns, bullseye........? My old standby.
  7. Oh, I’m with you on the s/a only. That’s why I’ve been such a 1911 fan for so many years. DA out of the holster for me was a bit hard to get used to. + who can argue less capacity is better....hmmmm, nobody.
  8. Oh I am. Such a soft and accurate shooter. I struggled between the TSO and Shadow for some time, and a shadow showed up at a good price and I jumped. LOL, that said, if a TSO shows up at a real deal, and the TSO owner would consider a trade + $$ on a 1911( I have a few) I would jump on it.
  9. Thank you sir. I have learned allot here in the short time I’ve been here, I can only imagine what is here that I do not have a clue about.
  10. From Central SC, rifle shooting forever, 1911 freak forever, used to shoot bowling pins at the monthly hunt/ fish club. Mostly impromptu. Old Arthur makes the1911 a brute on my hands. So I got a CZ shadow 2, kinda nice with a 147 pill ?. Can’t rack the damn thing to easy, but maybe I’ll learn. Hope to learn something here. Thanks all.
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