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  1. I get what you're saying for sure. I just shot the 125 gr and 147 gr samples through the chronograph. Both shot great and met power factor. I think for now I'm going to just plunk test in the actual barrel. Actually liked the way the 125s felt better than the 147s or 135s I was surprised .
  2. Thanks for the info! Being a new reloader I really appreciate the help.
  3. I'm new to reloading and would appreciate some input. I recently reloaded 9mm 135 gr. TC Blue bullets at 1.110 OAL for a CZ shadow 2. They passed plunk test, tested fine in my EGW chamber checker and shot great. I then loaded some samples of 125gr and 147gr RN Blue bullets. I had to drop OAL to 1.108 to pass plunk test on both. They plunk test fine. But they will not pass the EGW chamber checker. Any thoughts? Am I good to go considering plunk test was fine? If it's a problem with that specific chamber checker, what one would you suggest buying? Thanks
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