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  1. Thanks!! I've read this and Apendex D and assumed all was good, but unsure. Whn looking at holsters I freqently see "Open Devision" listed as part of the discription... thus th concern. Trigger is th next issue as my old Safariland open holster does not "completely" prevent access to th trigger of my TSO... Even though it be a task to do so...
  2. Yah, thats the problem... it's not clear. As I read it where the holster is held on the body. Couldn't find anything on "Limited" gun/trigger coverage...
  3. Hello All, New to the forum, not the sport. Life member and last competed 1998 (My son was born in Feb of 1999). It's thyme to play again!! I see looking at the rule book the USPSA has hired a wall of attorneys and a few thesauruses. Soooo, rather than hurt my very small brain I thought I'd reach out to those of you who made all the mistakes in advance. I will be shooting "Limited" (Not to be confused w/Limited 10). Is a "Open" holster (like the Safariland Model 014) acceptable? Does the trigger need to be completely covered on both side.. or even one side? Thanks in Advance, Doug DVC
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