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  1. First I want to kind of reintroduce my self. I feel like I came here as a know it all maybe, not that I have said anything offensive but I think some of the things I have said or posted made me out to be kind of douche. Maybe I'm wrong but any ways just wanted to say i know nothing I have plenty of room for improvement and have much to learn. I can handle my own at my local matches and I do well there but am far from my maximum potential. On to the advice I seek. I have my own pistol range and live fire practice minimum 3 times a week and dry practice every night. I currently shoot glock17, johnnyglock is working on a custom trigger for me and am looking forward to that.. Here's my dilemma. I have been shooting my friends Sti 2011 38 supercomp at practice and I can run it so well, I am just more accustomed to the trigger and weight I think. I also live in CA. Wondering if anyone here knows which 2011 out of atlas Ck or limcat would be the best choice. I spoke with Adam and he sends single shot uppers on his frames for CA residents (our loophole). Anyone know if ck does this too and if ck is a good choice?
  2. Thanks, all great advice. I plan to eventually switch to major load a 35 probably, my gear that I have shown is not me saying I am going to do great with what you see here, I will evolve into a different weapon and major but right now I am getting my kaidence and speed down and I did just buy a new press so i will be loading again here soon. I didnt mean to sound like a douchbag or anything if that is the idea you have about me. My local club isnt anything too special there are a couple M shooters and a lot of A and B.
  3. I'm not anything anything special yet. Trust me. There isnt a whole lot of heat at my local matches but I am holding my own. I am only C class. When I first started I was using a bone stock glock 19 shooting limited then switched to my 17. I am thinking of buying a 34 or a 34 slide but I have shot my buddies and there isnt much if any difference for me at all. Thanks for the recommendations.
  4. What do you recommend I should have done differently to my glock17 in the 6 months I've been shooting uspsa?
  5. I'm winning limited locally everytime and usually no worse than 3rd overall. I could be faster but that is coming. I've only shot 6 matches total so far. My goal is to win big matches and make my mark in the uspsa world.
  6. G17 mags with taylor extensions have been awesome. 22rnds.
  7. Ets have gave me issues in the past so no go I would say on those..@sc68cal, dont have capacity anxiety everybody has to reload...except those PCC guys running HUGE extensions.
  8. I'm not having any issues shooting the g17 minor. I get mostly all Alphas. Thanks to having my own pistol range for practice.
  9. Withouts stretching the spring or messing up the magazine where the base pad locks on? Just curious because so far I haven't really found a good way to do so. I have been sliding the pad half way off then pushing the spring down with a dowl/tool then the pad comes off otherwise the spring seems to bind up?
  10. At practice today my hands were really cold and it really had an effect on how I draw and pull shots off. It was great because it gave me opportunity to practice those conditions.
  11. Yes practice with the same gear you will be competing with.
  12. So I have shot CZ, Limcat, Atlas, and Glock and I know it sounds weird but there is something about the Glock that I absolutely love for competition. Here is my Limited G17. Does anyone else feel the same way about choosing Glock over 2011 platform pistols?
  13. Im actually probably set on limited for now. I will GM limited then move to open and probably....maybe switch to a Limcat or Atlas or some other 2011.
  14. Well what about if shooting minor pf?
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