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  1. I actually ordered a Titan last night. Cant wait!
  2. I loved my point man! Very tight fit, shot super smooth and accurate.
  3. I have a triggertech in my angstadt udp9.. functions perfect and very crisp.
  4. Lol, not spending any time on price. I have plenty of gun money. Just wanted to know if it would have a competitive advantage. And if it was worth tossing an extra $1000 at. I'm also going to buy the atlas chaos soon.
  5. I'm coming from a CZC CTS 9 minor. I was going to build a .40 upper for it, but figured this would be a good time to switch over to 2011 platform. The cost is not at all a factor. I want a mid-high end limited gun in .40....not used. I was mainly just wanting opinions on if the sight block was a significant benefit for the cost.. or just held a "cool factor"
  6. Anyone shooting angstadt udp9 16" in pcc? If so, how do you like it? I classified B one my first all classifier with it...and my 2nd time shooting match in PCC
  7. I'm just trying to get an idea of whether it's worth it or not, whether there is any advantage at all...to justify the price difference.
  8. Any reason in particular why you dont care for the?
  9. This is exactly the info I'm looking for. The gun looks awesome, and I would imagine it has a small difference with the slide being shorter and the extra weight up front.
  10. Do you recommend it? Is the extra price worth it?
  11. That's a good point as far as barrel replacement. I'm curious how long that style front site has been a thing and why maybe more people dont use it.
  12. NumberTwo

    On Paying Attention

    My biggest screw ups always come from not reading the stage instructions. Dumb I know
  13. I've only used alpha x, but I wouldn't really care to even use another. Two thumbs up
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