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  1. Which model glock recoil spring did you try?
  2. I have a P10F CO, with CGW guide rod and 15# recoil spring. The spring weight still seems a bit stiff. Does anyone know of the top of their head, what recoil spring would fit that I can get in 12-14#? I'm thinking glock, but don't know which model...any help would be appreciated.
  3. I have the cz custom 140mm basepads, and i keep getting failures on reloaded mags. Any ideas?
  4. Do you have targets on the walls, that you use for dry fire?
  5. I have the dpm in my p10c and it runs perfect and sooo smooth. I run the same 130pf ammo in each gun. The lightest spring is the shortest spring on the p10f recoil spring. I just wasnt sure if anyone had this same issue.
  6. Anyone have any info or experience with the DPM recoil spring in a P10F carry optic? I put one in my gun, and run 147grn coated bullets around 130 pf, and with the lightest spring, it stove pipes on every extraction. Not sure if anyone put a lighter spring, cut coils, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. What dryfire drills are yall using that you thought made the biggest difference?
  8. I actually ordered a Titan last night. Cant wait!
  9. I loved my point man! Very tight fit, shot super smooth and accurate.
  10. I have a triggertech in my angstadt udp9.. functions perfect and very crisp.
  11. Lol, not spending any time on price. I have plenty of gun money. Just wanted to know if it would have a competitive advantage. And if it was worth tossing an extra $1000 at. I'm also going to buy the atlas chaos soon.
  12. I'm coming from a CZC CTS 9 minor. I was going to build a .40 upper for it, but figured this would be a good time to switch over to 2011 platform. The cost is not at all a factor. I want a mid-high end limited gun in .40....not used. I was mainly just wanting opinions on if the sight block was a significant benefit for the cost.. or just held a "cool factor"
  13. Anyone shooting angstadt udp9 16" in pcc? If so, how do you like it? I classified B one my first all classifier with it...and my 2nd time shooting match in PCC
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