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  1. My lane works very well. No poi change or accuracy change with it on or off. I wish I had had it 20 years ago.
  2. I also recommended snipershide. You can pick up a used custom for a good price and you will be able to get your money back out of it. I would highly recommend staying with the 6mm. I'd recommend a 6br or 6brai over the dasher only for less brass work. Load up 6br and go shoot. You want a first focal plane scope.
  3. I wouldn't waste my time with a class. Most of the people I see putting on classes don't have a clue. Take what you have and go to some shoots. The other shooters will help you and you will learn more than in any class. I would suggest a few local matches if you can to start with.
  4. The only reason I don't still use mine for precision loading is that I got one that I could take to the range and to matches in a small toolbox. You won't load better ammo on any other press if it is still tight. Save your money for now.
  5. Does anyone know what weight recoil spring they come with? Where do you get replacement springs? Thanks,
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