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  1. That was probably the old spring they used to start. Since then they replaced them with stiffer .45 springs.
  2. Hey did you guys start out with the .45 springs that CMMG installed? They are sending me a new ejector spring to compare with mine for wear.
  3. I'm at around 3k rounds unsuppressed. I will be ordering a couple spare springs and will visually compare with my original one. There is discussion about the ejector spring overcompressing and wearing out too fast (hundreds of rounds, not thousands) in the Guard suppressed with some buffer/spring combinations. Rapid spring fatigue reported with low RoF suppressed full auto setups. Would a rounded edge 1/16" titanium rod inserted into the spring limit travel of the ejector without chewing up the inside of the spring? Or an ejector machined with a post into the spring to limit travel? Still learning so if that idea is bonkers I won't get my feelings hurt.
  4. Are you running full auto and/or suppressed?
  5. Has anyone noticed a weakening of the ejector spring? It is happening consistently to a member on another forum who shoots suppressed full auto. Mine is still pretty stiff but I don't have my suppressor yet.
  6. Yes the endomags are reliable. A lot of us who pre-ordered were skeptical at first and then pleasantly surprised. I wasn't going to trust them until I fired a bunch of rounds with no problems. I feel very comfortable keeping the Banshee upper on my lower in case the shtf.
  7. Posting my experience with a non 9 CMMG lower is off topic. Sorry. Not sure why I didn't realize that, maybe because I have never owned one. Still enjoy reading the great info in here.
  8. Got my Banshee upper tuned very well with my Spike's lower and a Magpul CTR stock using a Kynshot RB 5005 hydraulic buffer and a standard carbine round wire spring. Blazer Brass FMJ using an Endomag insert in a Pmag gen 3. 3k rounds downrange so far without FTF/ FTE. ~666 RoF. CMMG Banshee upper on Spike's Cal-Multi Lower, Endomag Pmag insert, KAW Fat LC
  9. I have not been able to get to the range to test my Banshee upper with my AR-15 lower. Interested to see how things go for you with the tuning kit. Remind me please do you have a Guard upper on a AR15 lower? If so which buffer/spring are you using? A member at arfcom has tested extensively and relates that his best running setup is with an A5 tube, Tubb flat 5.56 spring, and a Blitskrieg 9mm hydraulic buffer. He says it works well with his 5.56 upper as well. He tuned for rate of full auto fire as well as felt recoil.
  10. If your question is does any carrier weight come installed? The answer is no. I have the tuning kit and am going to try a Tubb Flat Spring with Kynshot RB5005 AR10 hydraulic buffer (5 oz.) if my stock Spike's T3 (5,4 oz) buffer and spring doesn't feel right. Plus I can use the tuning kit weights to tune more. Took off my LWRC UCIW since tube was too short to allow much tuning of springs/buffers and put back on the Magpul CTR (7" tube). New to all this and don't compete yet. Just working on getting to the smoothest most reliable operation.
  11. Good to know. I wonder why they switched?
  12. Bryan at CMMG told me they use a .308 spring and standard carbine buffer in the Guard. Is that still the case?
  13. I have a Guard upper/Spike's ST-15 Cal-Multi lower and would like to try a Kynshot RB5004 AR10 hydraulic buffer in my LWRC UCIW (6" tube) stock with its' flat spring. the RB5004 is 2.5" long or .25" longer than the UCIW buffer. It is .6 oz heavier at 3.7 oz. I am very new to the 9 mm PCC world and still learning. Do you think I may have success with the Kynshot hydraulic buffer with my setup? Kyntech replied to my inquiry and said it shoulk work. I have the CMMG tuning kit in case I need to add carrier weight. The members here have PCC knowledge far beyond mine so your opinions are welcome and appreciated. Concerns? Warnings?
  14. New to the Guard/Banshee as well as PCC. I have a brand new Banshee upper for my Spike's CalMulti lower. The Banshee will make for 3 caliber uppers (so far) I can pop onto my one sbr registered lower. I have not tested it yet waiting for Endomags to ship. Fwiw Brian at CMMG told me that their Guard/Banshee builds are shipped with a standard carbine buffer and a .308 spring. I'm going to give it a go when the Endomags arrive and hope to be running well without having to swap buffer/spring or install a mag block. I may/may not have to use one of the carrier weights in the CMMG tuning kit to get things running right. I haven't tried competition yet but one of the reasons I joined here is to learn more before I dive in. Looks like I came to the right place to learn about it.
  15. Lol I'll take what I can get. I'm headed out next week to spectate a concealed carry match. Didn't even know there was such a thing. All I know is they have to start deep carry and make steel fall. I'll probably get sucked down another rabbit hole. Thanks for the welcome!
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