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  1. Yeah I did think about trying that. I will have to grab one from the box I keep by my tumbler.
  2. So I did a search and did not come up with any good results. What have you guys and gals found that works well to stop powder from clinging to the walls of the hopper? It is a real bear when switching powders. Today I ran some 9MM I started with TG and then decided to try a batch with 700-X. Well getting all the TG out was not easy, I ended up wiping it out with a rag and blowing the last bit out with a compressed air can. But the best bet would be some way to eliminate the static in the first place.
  3. No they hold the rpunds fine it is just a bear getting the last couple of rounds in the mag.
  4. Just thought I would give you guys a bit of an update, I made a quick trip to the range after work today ( I just could not wait until Friday) the reloads work great 3.6Gr of tight group is not enough to reliablely cycle the weapon (no big surprise here) 3.8 seamed to do alright and 4.0 was a good stout load. I am going to load some right in the middle at 3.9 and see how they do. Again thanks for all the help and ideas.
  5. So I went over my procedure again and triple checked everything. 1 removed the anvil from the seating die and cleaned it ( it was not bad ) 2 re set the shell plate got it a bit tighter then it was before, if I go any tighter now it binds up. 3 I set the first 3 rounds aside then I re adjusted the seating die with a full turret on the press. Now I am getting real close to my 1.150 COL in the area of 1.150 - 1.155 I am happy with that. once I got it to where I was happy I ran a single case through the press and it was short ( about 1.1485) thanks again for all the help and suggestions I am sure I will have more in the near future, and I hope to be able to add my input to the community Doug
  6. Thanks guys that is a lot of good advice. First off a little history on my reloading I started about 20 years ago reloading for .38/.357 mag and then added a bit of rifle stuff for my .270 Well then life took over and I was working 80 plus hour work weeks so I stopped shooting and reloading. Jumping forward 20 years I got invited to the range by my neighbor and I realized how much I missed it. So I am now back at the range at least once per week and I have dusted off and rebuilt my Dillon and set up a reloading room. I am finding it a great way to relax after a long week at work. But after 20 years away from it a lot has changed so it is like starting over again. Heck the last time I loaded there were no forums to get help from. Ok back to the reloading I am using a load from the Hodgdons manual it is a 124gr Berry's HBRN over top of 3.6gr (starting load) of tight group, it lists a COL of 1.150 so I was trying to stick with that to eliminate any unknown factors. I am loading the rounds to be fired in a Smith & Wesson M&P Pro. I did a plunk test with a dummy round I put together at this length and it tested fine it also fit the mag fine. My plan was to load 10 rounds at each charge weight ( increasing 0.1gr ) with each 10 until I reach the max listed charge of 4.1gr . So what I am getting from all the info you guys are sharing is a little fluctuation in the COL is not an unusual thing and nothing to worry about as long as they fit the gun. Later Doug
  7. I am trying my first 9MM reloads I have been away from reloading for some years now but back at it again. I am reloading on a Dillon RL550B using Lee dies. The problem I am having is my COL keeps changing on me, I am after a COL of 1.1500 and I am getting a range of 1.1500 up to 1.1630 and every thing in between. Could this be caused by running mixed head stamp brass? or any other ideas of what could be causing this? Thanks Doug
  8. Perttime I will be reloading 9MM, 45ACP, 38SPL/357MAG, 41REM MAG To start with. Hi power I have kind of kept my eye on the gun market even though I was not shooting but yes there is some real nice new stuff out there thats for sure.
  9. After many years away from reloading due to a heavy work load I am getting back in the game. lets just say the internet sure has changed the reloading game that should give you an idea how long it has been. I mainly load pistol calibers on my 1991 vintage Dillon RL550 . I am currently in the midst of setting up a new reloading room in the basement. Went out yesterday and picked up a few new goodies for the press, Dillon stuff is a little hard to come by in the great white north so I have a few things on order now. Cheers Doug
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