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  1. STI Steel Master. Newbie at reloading. Autocomp powder, Federal small primers, 125 gr. hollow point competition bullets. Looking for a good starting recipe. OAL, amount of powder, etc. Thanks to everyone.
  2. Anyone find an extended slide release that will work on a 2011 DVC 3 GUN?
  3. Anyone find a place to buy the cylindrical "new new" racker for the DVC?
  4. Scottlep, I live in Springwater, NY about an hour north of Tioga, PA. The challenge to put a slide racker on a Steelmaster is the lack of material between the breech face and the top of the slide. Its about .410 and I dont know if that leaves enough space for a dovetail. STI has a brand new cylindrical slide racker thats featured on the new DVC Steel models that might work. Its positioned at an angle with an angled hole opposed to a dovetail. I'm no gunsmith, so any suggestions would be a huge help. Thanks for your time and consideration.
  5. P.s. is that a Sidewinder Slider Racker from Shooters Connection? Thanks again
  6. Looks sweet! Did he cut a a dovetail or mount it on top of the slide? Thanks
  7. Looking for anyone who has had a slide racker installed on their Steelmaster. I tried Dan Cheely; but they no longer offer that service. Thanks for any input.
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