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  1. I think the spring is to blame. Rugged is lookin into it
  2. I just came out of fedex shipped the gun back to cz with all my comments, so i cant show you, but i can illustrate it in writing as best i can. -the decocker sits in a recess within the frame on both sides..it is formed by a long bar spanning the width of the frame and connected to its 'sister' decocker lever on the opposite side...similar to ambi fire selector on AR15 - when i push down on ejector the decocker dislodges from recess in frame and the left and right side decocker levers point straight up into sky because of the spring that holds them ....this process is replicated when i fire with suppressor, and i think what you said makes a ton of sense the barrel being weighed down by suppressor probably 'touches' the ejector on its way back from 'fire' position due to the added weight of the suppressor. - one thing ive been trying very hard to do is buy another barrel but since barrels are made in Czech Republic they come in small quantities and indefinite dates to US...very hard to get, although i found some on ebay lol not really confident in them - on thing i regret before shipping back to CZ : is i didn't look at the shoulder condition, so i have no idea how much has been worn down but suppressor would routinely unscrew itsself after a few rounds...also not familiar what shoulders actually do? for example if they are well worn then its harder for gun to go into battery? which again only happened with suppressed Unfortunately, this particular gun i believe is a lemon. Prior to this suppressor fiasco i had the magazine catch wear down prematurely to the point of not being able to grip magazines at the correct height, extractor wore down prematurely as well.... causing double feeds and other issues. all around i still love the gun but i cant trust it anymore to do what i initially wanted it to do which was HD gun with suppressor to avoid concussing myself while firing indoors.
  3. You know...i hadn't thought of that. Great point, that weight could be actuating the ejector and pushing decocker out. The actual mounting of the suppressor wasn't bad for the first few hundred rounds, its only lately that these issues are happening...it seems like the whole firing system isn't optimized for suppressed fire despite CZ marketing efforts
  4. after taking a deep dive in the net i have diagnosed my issue as "hammer follow", however it only occurs with suppressor and i still cant figure out why decocker gets dislodged
  5. Thanks! currently dissembling and taking it back to stock...any idea why i could be acting like a binary trigger? or why the decocker gets dislodged?
  6. Hey guys, I have an urban grey p-01 with CGW short reset, i have a huge issue where upon attaching suppressor (rugged obsidian) my short reset becomes a binary trigger that shoots 2 rapid fire shots after i release finger from trigger i get a weird interaction where the short reset gets completely erased to the point i dont feel the reset click...I am not "riding" the trigger because this issue doesn't exist without suppressor or my other guns that i run suppressed. Additionally, my trigger becomes dead because the decocker slightly pops out of the frame. I am very concerned about these issues because this used to be my nightstand setup and i would like to keep it this way, but if i cant i may be forced to bring my gun back to stock everything. Stock recoil spring, CGW short reset package (extended firing pin, hammer spring, firing pin spring) gun is cleaned often, full detail cleaning every 1000 rounds suppressor is cleaned every 2000 rounds booster and booster spring are lightly lubed up with white lithium (per manufacturer suggestion) blast cap is fully screwed in Thanks in advance for any attempts to help!
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