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  1. Got the shot timer, now time for some books!
  2. Funny story I just worked up a 9 Major load with CFE pistol this morning. It shot reasonably softly with the Agency 417 comp. I used small rifle primers after some advice from a reloading friend and those seemed to hold up a little better than the Federal SPP that I was using before with this load. 124's at 1400fps is enough to make Major I think. I was a little concerned about the ejector mark on the case head but it's not indented severely and the primers still had some shape to them. -NorthernMedic
  3. Hey guys! This being my first post let me introduce myself. I just started shooting USPSA in May of this year and have decided to make it my discipline of choice. I literally just got a USPSA membership last week after shooting a handful of matches so I haven't classified yet, but I think it will be a C or honestly D classification. My goal is to finish out the year and come next year get an A qualification. I am excited to see myself improve as time goes on and I put in the hard work with dry fire practice 3-4 times week and live fire 2-3 times a week. I live way out in the country with some pretty awesome neighbors so I have my own range. Which is great for practice, but hard on the wallet. Right now I am shooting Open Minor with a "fauxland special" Glock 19 and plan to continue shooting in that class as that's what I carry. Looking forward to getting some great advice and starting a training diary to keep me accountable for my training regime. Thanks! -Northern Medic
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