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  1. Looking at +4 extension tubes to raise my mag capacity to 12. Anyone used this one from Briley? It looks like a longer version of the factory +2 extension that came with the gun. https://www.briley.com/p-54432-briley-shotgun-magazine-extension-12-gauge-versamax.aspx
  2. Blue Bullets is having 15% off most of their medium flat rate cases of bullets. 11/23-11/26. http://www.thebluebullets.com
  3. Bright colored sharpie marker on middle of head stamp works for me.
  4. My tuned STI Gen 2 mags with STI's new follower work great.
  5. Hello all, I've been a lurker around here for a bit. Lots of good info, figured I would get off my butt and join. Currently shoot 3 gun and looking to get into USPSA. Glad to be here, Mike
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