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  1. I don't saw that before, nice job, i thinks you'r right. well done !
  2. @Norm37, You will not be disappointed with your purchase, this machine is awesome. The shell plate indexation is perfect, the priming system too, it is a very accurate and smooth machine, i really love it. i have made 700 rounds tonight, it is fast and smooth, a real pleasure ? i will never go back to a Dillon (i had a XL 650 before). In addition of that, the mark 7 support is very very good, big thumbs up ? to Jay, Dan, Misty and Michael from Mark 7, and Saul Kirsch from DAA ?
  3. Hi all, I have got my Evolution press (manual) since end of july. I have the same issue with the powder measure . With N320 powder the charge vary between 3.9 and 4.2 gr. I tried with smaller tubular powder as Vectan BA9 ans Swiss reload RS12, the variation is less but not great. Then i tried with small sphérical ball powder (LOVEX D032, similar as Accurate N°2) and the accuracy is awesome, the max variation is 0.03 gr (0.002 grams). This powder measure love small powder, but not big tubular one.
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