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  1. Funny you say that. Did it between iterations after original post. No further problems with the mags and gun. I was concerned as my 2.0 fed rounds from the mag without a problem.
  2. Ha! I wish I was that young. Left Ft Lewis in 1993 I had some failure to feed with an M&P 9L Performance Center once I put the optic on it. I thought it was a mag problem. Pulled the mag out of the rotation, pulled the spring and base plate and all seemed well. I also have a semi-drop-in Wilson Combat Barrel. Of course, after I pulled the mag, removed spring and put It back in the rotation, all worked well. I want to make it a duty gun, but am not ready to bet my life on it. (Yeah, I know. Left Ft. Lewis in 1993. I am close to retirement in my current position). I put the mag in my gen2 gun and in the performance center gun and all appeared well. This happened multiple times with multiple rounds. Not sure if it was the same mag b/c II was not paying attention to the specific mags used. I am not sure if it's the addition of the optic, the mag or if I need a different spring with the addition of the weight of the optic to the slide.
  3. Found the forum looking into M&P 9L w/optic set up. Looking for info for guide spring mods. RLTW
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