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  1. Hi forum, Does anyone have any load data for using Sport Pistol in .40 minor? I'm going to work up some Blues in 165, 180 and maybe 200gr. I got great data before using Clay's and WST, I've got four lbs of SP thought I would give it it a shot. Much thanks
  2. I subbed your YouTube channel, I like the way those 165s look. Definitely will give that a try as well, can I ask what # recoil spring you're using? Thanks for the info
  3. Does anyone have any input from these holsters? Looking for a Production holster alternative to Bladetech or CompTac. Much thanks
  4. I picked up some Clay's today so it will be a couple weeks before I can go test and chrono. I was watching some of Bulm540 vids of YouTube and I'm about trying some 165gr as well. Forty, I've always heard the Titegroup runs hot in guns, is it different shooting minor? Thanks again guys
  5. Thanks guys really appreciate the info.
  6. Hi forum, I'm looking for a good load recipe for .40 minor in a Stock ll. Currently have Sport Pistol and SNS 180, Blue 200s that I use out of my Limited Tanfo. I'm not opposed to trying new powder or bullet weights. I have seen some info on Clay's but never used it. Is it Clay's or Universal or Clay Dot that folks use in .40 minor? Also is WST a good option as well? What are thoughts on 165gr? Much thanks
  7. I've got a Limited Extreme .40, I'm working up a 170pf load. I'm just wondering what springs you guys are running in your Limited guns. I have a 10, 11 and a 12lb now, has anyone used Henning's 10.75lb spring? I know about sight recovery time and ejection pattern. There's a lot of knowledge on this forum so just curious how some people are setting up their guns. Thanks in advance for any info. P.S. First time Tanfo owner and setting up a .40.
  8. I've shot the S2 in a handful of matches, it just seems nose heavy to me especially during transitions. I was shooting a 320 X5 before that.
  9. I have a Shadow 2 from CZC, great gun but it's really nose heavy. I'm looking for something a little more balanced
  10. On the fence about which way to go here, I know a lot of people have experience with both guns. I've got the gunsmith picked out who excels with these guns....what you guys think? As always thanks for your input.
  11. Looking at the Dawson Trojan 1911, does anyone have any experience with one or any thoughts on them?
  12. Hi folks, I recently bought an X5 and love it. However, I may be in the minority here but I’m not crazy about the straight trigger. I’ve shot a 320 and really prefer the feel of the curved trigger. I bought the X5 for all the features it does have over the 320. I’m getting great results in Production, but I just prefer the curved trigger. I’ve sent GGI an email about it, waiting to hear back. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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